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Justice Delayed & Denied:Hebron Shop Owners Struggle with IOF Inaction on Demolition Complaint

Posted On: 28-03-2023 | Human Rights
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Hebron /PNN/

Procrastination of the Occupation Police in the Consideration of the Complaints on the Demolitions of the Commercial Shops in the Old Vegetables Market (Old Hesba)

A few months passed since the Israeli settlers attempted demolishing a number of commercial shops inside the Old Vegetable Market (Old Hesba) in the heart of Hebron City, which is also located within a militarily closed zone 22 years ago, and falls under responsibility of the occupation army. The occupation police still procrastinate responding to the complaints submitted by shops owners, Al-Kayyal family, against this kind of violation, and their demand from the police to reveal the violating settlers’ names, so that they file charges against them.

The police additionally procrastinate responding to the complaints filed by the owners of the gas station in Al-Shuhada Street, also known as Al-Jabari Gas Station, which the settlers attempted, with the help of the occupation soldiers, to demolish and remove its building.  

The General Director of Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC), Mr. Emad Hamdan, mentioned that delay in responding and procrastination from the occupation police aims to deadening the complaint, and prohibiting the owners of the right to move forward a judicial action against the violators, especially when the police revealed the location, and claimed that they did not identify the violators.

Mr. Tawfeq Jahshan clarified that the violation incident of demolishing a number of Al-Kayyal’s shops was on 6 July, 2022, and the demolishing and removal of Al-Jabari Gas Station’s railing structure was conducted on 14 December, 2022, in which the Legal Unit stood for the owners of the properties in filing the complaints, and communicating with the legal advisor and competent authorities, that in turn are waiting for the occupation police’s response to identify the violators. Adding that submitting a complaint is one of the original rights stipulated in the international human rights treaties, and that the procrastination from the occupation police and the competent judicial authorities in responding to the complaints filed to is an evident violation those rights. 

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