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Arafat was Right By: Tayseer Khaled:

Posted On: 08-01-2023 | Opinion
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Itamar Ben Gvir's deceived many of those who believed he had decided to postpone his storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque as the Minister of National Security in Benjamin Netanyahu's 16th government. Ben Gvir surprised everyone and carried out the raid with a large number of police forces to protect him.  

Benjamin Netanyahu was not far from the scene, as he would not accept to be the last to know. What happened provoked reactions of foreign and Arab countries that normalize with the Israeli occupation, as they have all let down and betrayed.

Out of these escalatory policies, Ben Gvir wants to assert that he can do what he accustomed to do before becoming a minister, and that he is now a decision-maker, who gives orders the police in order to test reactions to what goes beyond his provocation plans. We know that won’t bother Netanyahu, and we also know that his action is no more than a test balloon!

Many on duties rulers have been using such escalatory policies to check the reactions of all, upon which they draw their plans. Netanyahu and  Ben Gvir are not exception, but the basis on which they and other Jewish supremacists plan to divide the in time and place the Al-Aqsa Mosque as is the case in the Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron.

As of the seizure of the Abrahamic Shrine and turning it into a Jewish Synagogue, to the the Shamgar Committee’s resolutions following the Al-Ibrahimi Mosque’s massacre, which was committed by a similar mentality of Bin Gvir, in 1994, the mission was accomplished. 

The case will vehemently be the same in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, as Netanyahu tirelessly repeats the claim using myths and sayings of tellers that he and his forefathers didn’t come to this country as invaders under a British Declaration, but as freedom fighters. They absolutely know that these are legends and text in the books of Kings and Days to rebuilding the alleged Temple.

Myths usually draw a picture closer to imagination than to reality about customs, traditions and rituals in a particular society and a certain stage in history to maximize a personality or event, and give it symbolism or even sanctity, where we find a lot in religious mythology, which is not limited to a specific people or group of people.

Many peoples and human groups have their myths, including religious ones. Anyway, the more we move away in time from the event of the religious legend or something else, the more its image changes, increasingly or decreasingly, until it is established in its final form as something that can’t be questioned. 

The myth of creation, for example, is found in the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh. God created Enkidu from clay, just as was the case in the Book of Genesis. Even in Hindu myths and Chinese myths, man was created from the soil. Here the color of that soil doesn’t matter, as it may be yellow, as is the case according to the Chinese myths.

The alleged temple is also from that kind of mythology or religious mythology, built by Solomon to worship the Lord, but beside Jehovah, he hosted other lords, who were embodied in statues that occupied their place in the temple of the God of his wives of Moabites, Sidoniants, Edomites, Ammonites, Hittites, and Copts, which called for the wrath of God and his threat to tear his kingdom apart right after his death.

Such a temple was not found by archaeologists, it was a legend. That temple had no meaning or existence among the Hebrew tribes that settled in the north of Canaan, just as is the case with the Samaritans these days, who say, “Jerusalem for them is an ordinary city, but their temple is there on the top of Mount Gerizim in Nablus city.

The Bin Gvir and other trustees and groups of the Temple have a different story, it is interesting one, and it belongs to the world of religious mythology. It is a unique story in its kind, a legend unlike other legends, as it is according to the Books of Kings and Days, specifically the first Book of Kings -the 2nd Chapter, which confirms they belong to the world of religious mythology.

The materials used in the construction and the number of workers was imaginary, the gold used in the construction was one hundred thousand talents, [and the talent is equivalent to about 16 grams] i.e. 1.6 tons of gold, and 1 million talents of silver, i.e. 16 tons, besides iron and copper without weight.

As well as the timber of Lebanon and the overseas stones. The construction of that alleged Temple lasted for 7 years, and the number of workers was 180,000 workers, of whom 30,000 were sent by Suleiman to Lebanon to cut trees, and about 3600 or 3400 supervisors, according to the kings’ books.

As for the built area, it was 60 cubits i.e. about 30m long, 20 cubits i.e. 10m wide, and 30 cubits i.e. 15m high, with a 20 cubits porch long and 10 cubits wide, which means a small building that didn’t need such materials, workers and years.

Their satanic provocative actions, Ben Gvir and other members of the Temple are handling matches in their hands with gunpowder barrels on their shoulders, dancing in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque, glorifying the legend, seeing in it their straying, and their eyes on the place and time division, a step on the road to rebuilding the legend.

Netanyahu isn’t far from that as he also believes, as was the case with Ben-Gurion, that the kingdom of God has its borders on the Homs line in northern Syria, and its center is a temple without which the kingdom can’t be accomplished.

Contrariwise, late Yasser Arafat was right. At Camp David, the US President Bill Clinton addressed him, noting his courage, requesing him to acknowledge the presence of the alleged temple in the place. But, he turned his back onto the president, and courageously rejected his request, referring him to the Samaritan community on Mount Gerizim.

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