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‏Adam Ayad, a new Palestinian civilian victim of an Israeli sniper who is not held accountable

Posted On: 03-01-2023 | National News , Human Rights , PNN TV Reports , Palestinian Candles
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Bethlehem /PNN/ 

Adam Essam Ayad, 16 years old, from Al Dahesha refuge camp in Bethlehem is a new Palestinian victim of Israeli sniper and deliberate killing policy adopted by the Israeli occupation forces“IOF”.

The residents of Bethlehem and Palestine woke up today Tuesday on the sad news and their grief increased when they read the commandment written by Adam, in which he said:, "We are in a country where it is impossible to achieve dreams before end Israeli occupation.

Adam also wrote that he hope the suffering of Palestine and its children will reach all the world.

With pain and heartbreak, and with the tears of bereaved mothers, the mother of the martyr, Adam Issam Ayad, from the Al-Dahesha Palestine refugee told PNN reporter who interviewed her in the hospital the details of the last moments of her only child before his killing by Israeli sniper.

she said that he wanted to go to his aunt's house, to visit her injured son, because he thought that she was angry with him because he had not visited her for days, and he said that he would go to visit her tomorrow Wednesday, his day of from work.

She explained that he also asked her to cook for him the (kusa Mahshi) where she told him that she would do it today, she knew that he liked this food, and he told her before he left that there put some money in the house and told her to take what she wanted from this money and when she want. 

The mother of Adam, who was killed by the Israeli occupation forces , weeps for him in a hospital in Bethlehem - PNN Photo 

The mother was crying and say that Adam left the house today and he will never come back. 

As for his father, who could not talk much immediately upon his arrival to the hospital, and after knowing his son killing by Israeli sniper he pointed out that Adam always told him that he felt that the Israeli soldiers will kill him and he will become a martyr.

Adam's father carries his son body during the funeral ceremony in Dheisheh refugee camp near Bethlehem - Photo by Ahmed Jubran PNN

Atta Manaa, a journalist from Dheisheh regugee camp lives near Adam and his family's home and the uncle of the martyr Omar Manaa, who was killed by another Israeli soldier on the fifth of last month, told PNN reporter that the Israeli occupation forces broke into Al-Dheisheh camp at 04:30 am, adding that they spread there snipers, soldiers of destruction, where they raided the houses of the camp and searched the young people to arrest them.

The Governor of Bethlehem Governorate Kamel Hmaed told PNN that the Israeli aggression that had taken place at dawn today fell within the framework of the war crimes being carried out by the Israeli occupation army against our people. 

He explained that the innocent child Adam Ayad shot  and killed by Israeli criminal soldiers.

Governor Hmaed added that the murder of child Adam coincided with the crime of the fascist racist extremist Itmar Ben Ghafir, who broke into Al-Aqsa Mosque at dawn today, noting that the Israeli criminal occupation doesn't respect international law, doesn't respect holidays, events and religious places, and continues to criminalize it against our people, who continue to resist and struggle, and will defeat this occupation, no matter how forced they wer.

Thousands of Bethlehem residents organized funeral to the martyrs' cemetery, number of Palestinian government officials participated in the burial ceremony, as well as dozens of representatives of Palestinian factions from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Fatah movements.

Adam was buried in the Martyrs' Cemetery in Dheisheh refugee camp, where dozens of martyrs who were killed by the Israeli occupation army in recent years are buried.



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