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Tens of thousands worldwide rally in support of Palestinians amid Israeli genocide in Gaza

Posted On: 25-02-2024 | International , Palestinian Diaspora
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Tens of thousands of people took to the streets today in multiple cities around the world in weekly rallies calling for an end to the Israeli genocidal onslaught on Gaza. The death toll from the US-backed Israeli genocide campaign now stands at nearly 29,600 Palestinian martyrs.

In the German capital Berlin, hundreds of people took to the streets demanding an end to the genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Similar protests condemning German government support for the Israeli occupation were also held in other cities across the country.

In the UK, thousands marched in the city of Manchester in a show of support for the people of Palestine, urging an immediate cessation of the Israeli war of genocide on the Gaza Strip.

Protests also took place in the Danish city of Aarhus, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemning Israeli massacres against innocent civilians.

In the Netherlands, a demonstration took place in the city of Den Bosch, where protesters carried Palestinian flags and denounced the continued brutal Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

In the Italian city of Milan, numerous people demonstrated, chanting slogans in support of Palestine and demanding an end to the occupation and an end to the Israeli massacres against Palestinian civilians.

In the French capital Paris, anti-Israeli aggression protests took place, while activists and supporters in the French city of Bordeaux placed fourteen thousand pairs of shoes in a public square to symbolize the number of Palestinian children victims in the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

In Dallas, the USA, numerous people staged a protest against the American support for the Israeli occupation and condemning Washington's continuous backing of the Israeli war machine.

Meanwhile, in Auckland, New Zealand, a march took place in protest of the Israeli war on Gaza and calling for the trial of occupation leaders for their crimes in Gaza.  

Similar protests were also reported in the Irish capital of Dublin and the city of Cork.

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