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Palestine News Network (PNN) offers a range of media services that contribute to conveying the voice of civil institutions, their various programs, companies, and donors to the Palestinian society within the framework of their community development projects and raising awareness about various social issues. These services include:


Documentary Film Production:

PNN has produced numerous high-quality documentary films over the years. You can watch the films or investigative reports here: [link1] and [link2.


Humanitarian and Social Stories Production:

PNN has been able to produce various television stories that cover different aspects of Palestinian life. You can watch a sample of these stories here: [link1] and [link2].


Public Relations and News Services:

PNN provides exceptional media services, including news coverage of events and conferences through producing televised reports in Arabic and English. Additionally, PNN offers written news production services and distributes and publishes these news stories through various Palestinian media outlets. You can view some of our work here: [link1] and [link2].


Website Banner Advertising:

Through this service, PNN publishes banner advertisements on Arabic and English websites, reaching millions of viewers and visitors who open around 30 million pages on the network's website each year. This provides advertisers with the opportunity to market their ads and programs with a guarantee of viewership. For more details, click here: [link]. Link2


Social Media Services:

PNN offers photography, production, and promotion services through social media platforms, including the network's pages and client pages. You can find more details about these services here: [link].


Television Episode Production:

PNN has produced numerous television episodes both in-studio and on-location. The network also edits news content related to the episode's content and disseminates it through its platforms and other Palestinian media outlets. You can watch these episodes here: [link1], [link2], and [link3].


News Translation Services:

PNN provides news translation services into English and collaborates with various institutions to offer these services. They also produce televised reports in English. You can view this service here: [link].


Film and Televised Reports Translation Services:

As part of its media services, PNN offers translation services for films produced by different organizations that have not been translated into English. You can watch a sample of their translation work here: [link].


Mobile News Services:

This is a special service through which news about events and institutions is sent to subscribers via mobile companies such as Jawwal and Ooredoo for urgent news. There is also a messaging service available for subscribers. To subscribe, click here: [link].


Live Streaming Services:

PNN offers live streaming services for events, activities, and openings of institutions and companies using high-quality cameras and broadcasting technology. You can watch the live stream of an event here: [link].


Aerial Photography Services:

PNN provides aerial photography services for events, activities, and establishments as part of its various media services. You can see this technology in action by clicking here: [link].


Media Training Services:

PNN has established a media training department that has successfully conducted specialized courses in modern media. This center operates within the PNN media network and collaborates with universities, institutes, colleges, and training centers. The network provides trainees with real work opportunities after their training, and reports prepared by students are published under their names to help them enter the Palestinian job market. You can watch the graduation ceremony of a training course here: [link].


Television Commercials Production:

PNN offers television commercial production services for both private sector companies promoting their products and non-governmental organizations raising public awareness about various social issues. You can watch some of our TV spots

Link1 link2 link3 link4 link5 link6



Video Production Services Videography :

As part of its commitment to providing comprehensive media services and keeping up with the advancements in media tools, Palestine News Network offers video graphics services. Video graphics is a modern media tool that allows the production of various videos in this field.

You can watch some of the produced videos in this area here, here, here, or here.


Radio Services through PNN Radio Network:

Palestine News Network maintains close relationships with a group of local radio stations in various provinces. The network provides news briefings around the clock on a daily basis through six radio stations. In addition, it implements advertising and program campaigns for sponsors and companies interested in collaborating with us in this field.


PNN Partner Radio Stations:

Mawwal Bethlehem - Watan Ramallah - Hayat Nablus - Farah Jenin - Al-Rabe'a Hebron - Suba Al-Aghwar - Rayhan Jericho.


Festival and Program Activities Services:

Palestine News Network offers specialized programs that can include competitions, and companies and institutions can launch these programs during events throughout the year. PNN provides opportunities for production and sponsorship in multiple media fields. You can watch a program recently executed during Ramadan here.


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