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Israel's Ongoing Forced Displacement: A Campaign of Killing, Ethnic Cleansing, and Genocide in Palestine

Posted On: 31-12-2023 | Politics , Palestinian Diaspora
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 The Department of Refugee Affairs in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) stated in a press release on Sunday that Israel has not ceased its forcible displacement plan and is trying to cloak it with voluntary and humane justifications. The statement emphasized that Israel, for 76 years, has been daily practicing killing, massacres, displacement, genocide, and ethnic cleansing in all Palestinian territories.

The Department affirmed that Israel's current actions in all occupied Palestinian territories represent the peak of violations of international humanitarian law and human rights. It escalates to the highest level of war crimes, genocide, and ethnic cleansing, aiming to shatter Palestinian life on Palestinian land, pushing people towards forced migration and displacement from Palestine.

The Department emphasized that our Palestinian people, with their resilience and national unity, and with international solidarity, will thwart all Israeli schemes to eliminate the Palestinian cause. All forced displacement and resettlement projects will fail.

Furthermore, the Department stressed that the concept of voluntary migration or displacement is one of the misleading concepts promoted by the occupation government. These concepts conceal the true understanding and meaning of forced migration and displacement, which involve coercion, compulsion, and direct threats to citizens to evacuate and forcibly displace.

The Department also affirmed that all attempts to create a new Palestinian refugee situation will have a serious impact on the region and the world, exacerbating problems rather than alleviating them. The real solution lies in addressing the Palestinian issue comprehensively, recognizing Palestinian rights, establishing the Palestinian state with its capital, Jerusalem, and ensuring the return of refugees according to Resolution 194.

The Department called for an immediate cessation of the shooting and aggression on the Gaza Strip, stopping attacks and the series of incursions into cities, villages, and refugee camps in the West Bank. It urged the international community to provide international protection for our people and to ensure the necessary protection for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), its facilities, and its employees, enabling it to deliver humanitarian aid to all Gaza provinces comprehensively and resume its work at its main headquarters in Gaza City.

The Department rejected all Israeli calls to end UNRWA's work in the Gaza Strip, considering such calls as an intensification of the idea of forced displacement. They dismiss UN resolutions regarding UNRWA's role in protecting, caring for, and aiding Palestinian refugees as mandated by Resolution 302.

The statement from the Department of Refugee Affairs in the PLO emphasized that for 76 years, Israel has been daily practicing killing, massacres, displacement, genocide, and ethnic cleansing in all Palestinian areas. With the escalation of the war against the Gaza Strip, Israel has increased its brutal attacks as an attempt to settle the conflict and eliminate the Palestinian cause by adopting a policy of forced displacement, crushing Palestinian life and existence, making the possibility of living impossible and unattainable, thereby pushing people towards migration and displacement."

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