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Seven Palestinians killed, several injured in Israeli onslaught on Jenin

Posted On: 05-07-2024 | National News , Human Rights
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This morning, a deadly incursion by Israeli occupation forces into the city of Jenin and its refugee camp resulted in the murder of seven Palestinians and left several others seriously injured.

Wissam Bakr, director of the Jenin Governmental Hospital, confirmed that six individuals killed were brought to the hospital, alongside individuals critically wounded.

 The casualties occurred following a drone strike by Israeli occupation forces targeting a group of people in Jenin refugee camp. The body of the seventh martyr, Hammam Hashash, was subsequently taken away by the Israeli forces.

The Ministry of Health identified the five martyrs as Ahmed Bassem Al-Amouri, 20, Qusay Amjad Hazouz, 23, Fouad Iyad Ashqar, 25, Yassin Al-Aridi, 30, Muhammad Mahmoud Jabareen, 54, and the borthern Hammam, 23, and Hareth Hashash, 19, 

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported that itsteams responded to two serious injuries near Ibn Sina Hospital in the city. One victim, an 18-year-old, sustained a gunshot wound to the neck inflicted by Israeli forces and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, Ibn Sina Hospital confirmed receiving another critical head injury case.

Israeli military units reportedly stormed the city with multiple military vehicles, encircling a house in the western part of the city. The forces used loudspeakers to demand the surrender of one of those inside, before attacking the house with shoulder-fired missiles, setting the house on fire.

Local sources added that confrontations erupted between locals and Israeli forces near the besieged house on the outskirts of Jenin refugee camp, amidst reports of additional injuries.

Furthermore, there have been reports of power outages in some areas inside Jenin camp and in the city itself, due to Israeli forces targeting electricity transformers with gunfire.

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