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Death toll in Gaza surges to 37,877 on 268th day of Israel's genocidal war

Posted On: 30-06-2024 | Politics
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Gaza / PNN/

 Israeli occupation forces committed three main massacres against families in the Gaza Strip over the last 24 hours, resulting in the documented killing of at least 43 Palestinians and the injury of 111 others, according to medical sources.

Local health authorities confirmed that the Palestinian death toll from the Israeli onslaught since October 7 has risen to 37,877 reported fatalities, with an additional 86,969 individuals sustaining injuries. The majority of the victims are women and children.

Meanwhile, ambulance and rescue teams are still unable to reach many casualties and dead bodies trapped under the rubble or scattered on roads across the war-torn enclave, as Israeli occupation forces continue to obstruct the movement of ambulance and civil defense crews.

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