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Critical Medicine Shortage in Gaza Puts Lives of Dialysis Patients at Risk, Say Medical Sources

Posted On: 25-06-2024 | National News , Human Rights
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Gaza/PNN - 

Medical sources in the Gaza Strip warned on Tuesday of a serious threat to the lives of a thousand dialysis patients due to the acute shortage of medicines and medical supplies, with the services provided to them being limited to "palliative care."

The sources explained that hospitals and health centers are suffering from a severe shortage of essential medicines and medical supplies necessary to continue providing critical medical services to save the lives of patients and the injured, as their stock has either reached zero or is about to run out.

They continued: "Among the most critical medicines that are about to run out are those for emergency and reception rooms, anesthesia, intensive care, operations, cancer treatments, and dialysis."

The sources called on international and UN institutions to urgently intervene and provide the necessary medicines and medical supplies to save the lives of patients and the injured.

Thousands of patients in the Gaza Strip face death as they need to travel abroad for treatment. However, the closure of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt prevents them from leaving to receive medical care.

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