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Al-Harazeen Family: A Story of Resilience and Defiance Representing Thousands of Gazan Families Forced to Displace

Posted On: 24-06-2024 | National News , Human Rights , PNN TV Reports , Palestinian Candles , Qarib Stories
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In the harsh darkness of war, 17-year-old Sujood Al-Harazeen seems to bear the weight of the world on her shoulders. While other girls her age spend their time happily, she faces the challenges imposed by displacement and oppression.

Sujood story is one of the many human narratives that reflect the determination of Palestinians to live with dignity amid ongoing aggression and attempts at their eradication. 

She has decided to work as a coffee vendor on the beaches of Gaza, where Palestinians find refuge and a means to earn a living. These beaches have become a source of income for her and many other children, women, and men, who earn just enough to survive each day.

Sujood Al-Harazeen speaks about her story, despite the pain of displacement and separation from relatives and loved ones, particularly her father, who works as a paramedic and could not leave his humanitarian mission to help the wounded and injured due to Israeli bombing. He remained in Gaza, while Sajood's mother, along with her son, fled in an attempt to escape the Israeli killing machine. Sujood shares her story of suffering, resilience, and creating a livelihood for her mother with PNN’s correspondent.

Sujood spoke with pain and sadness, explaining that she had only studied for her final high school year, known as the Tawjihi, for a month and a half before the war began. They were living in Shuja’iyya, but with the intensification of the Israeli assault after October 7th, the bombing became unbearable. The family was forced to flee south, but her father, the paramedic, could not leave Gaza and remained there alone.

During their displacement, her 18-year-old brother was arrested at an Israeli checkpoint in central Gaza. Sajood considers her brother still a child and fears for him, hoping for the moment he is released from Israeli prisons to return to their family.

Sujood’ Mother Speaks About Life in Displacement

Sujood mother, with a voice heavy with sorrow, speaks about the challenges and hardships of the displacement forced upon them by the Israeli war machine. She says, "My husband is critically injured in Gaza, and my eldest son has been detained for 100 days." Left alone with her daughters and her young son, who suffers from a spinal condition and cannot help them with their vending work, she struggles to make ends meet.

She detailed how she and her daughter were compelled to start selling tea and coffee. While she prepares the beverages over the fire, her daughter sells them to people on the beaches of Gaza.

Sujood mother described the hardship of their life in a tent. The scorching sun and the heat from the fire used to brew tea and coffee make the already unbearable conditions of displacement even worse. She expressed her hope that this nightmare of war would end soon

Sujood appealed for help from anyone who can assist them, explaining that she spends long hours under the threat of fire and bombing before going to work selling drinks, which is very exhausting for her.

Despite the fatigue from displacement and the horrors of war, the hope of returning to a normal life sustains Sujood and her family. She expressed her longing to see her father again. In a soft voice, she said, "This war has made me cry for hours, but I still hold on and will continue to fight and be patient."

Sujood concluded by expressing her wish for the war to end, for her brother and father to return, and for them to live together like any normal family in this world.

This story was produced as part of the Qarib program, implemented by the French Media Development Agency CFI, in partnership with and funded by the French Development Agency AFD.





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