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Israeli aggression prevents 39,000 Gaza students from taking high school exams

Posted On: 20-06-2024 | National News , Human Rights
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The Ministry of Education announced today that the ongoing Israeli military offensive has deprived approximately 39,000 students in the Gaza Strip of their right to sit for the Tawjihi high school final exams, which are scheduled to commence this Saturday.

In a press statement released today, Sadiq al-Khudour, spokesman for the ministry, revealed that this year, 450 high school students have been killed due to the Israeli aggression, including 430 students in Gaza and 20 others in the West Bank.

Despite the challenging circumstances, efforts have been made to accommodate Palestinian students from Gaza who are currently abroad.

Al-Khudour noted that 1,320 Palestinian students from Gaza are set to take the Tawjihi exams in 29 Arab countries. Among them, 1,090 students are in Egypt.

The Ministry said it has established the largest exam hall in Egypt and has also set up special halls in Russia, Turkey, and Qatar. Additionally, the exams will be held in the embassies of the State of Palestine in other countries.

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