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Israeli Airstrike on Rafah Displaced Persons' Camp Results in Dozens of Casualties

Posted On: 27-05-2024 | National News , Human Rights
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Dozens of Palestinians were martyred this Sunday evening in a barbaric and brutal Israeli bombing of displaced persons' tents in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. The bombing also injured dozens and destroyed and burned the tents and those inside.

The Civil Defense in the Gaza Strip said its units transported at least 50 people, both martyrs and injured, due to the occupation's bombing of the displaced persons' camp northwest of Rafah.

The Civil Defense said that the area targeted by the Israeli bombing contains 100,000 displaced persons.

Videos from the bombing site showed horrific scenes from the massacre committed by the occupation in the displaced persons' camp near the UN agency barracks west of Rafah.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that a large number of martyrs and injured fell due to the brutal occupation's aircraft bombing of a displaced persons' camp northwest of Rafah, and searches for missing persons in the area are ongoing.

The director of the Government Media Office in the Gaza Strip said that more than 30 martyrs and dozens of injured were reported as an initial toll for the occupation's massacre in Rafah.

The Government Media Office in Gaza announced that 190 martyrs and injured fell within 24 hours in an Israeli bombing targeting shelters in the Gaza Strip.

Press sources in the Strip said that ambulance crews were unable to transport a number of charred bodies due to the occupation's bombing of the displaced persons' camp northwest of Rafah.

The Rafah Emergency Committee said that the Israeli bombing targeted the displaced persons' tents in areas the occupation claimed were safe and urged residents to move to.

The Rafah Emergency Committee confirmed that the massacre committed obliterates all of the occupation's claims of safe areas in Rafah, stating that committing the massacre against displaced civilians reflects the Israeli insistence on continuing killing and destruction in Rafah, disregarding all international demands and decisions to stop the military operation and avoid harming civilians.

The Rafah Emergency Committee said that the international community, led by the United States, not taking any deterrent measures against the occupation and ignoring the implementation of International Court of Justice decisions, acts as a green light for the occupation to continue more killing and destruction in Rafah, which is considered the last refuge for hundreds of thousands of displaced persons.

The Emergency Committee renewed its call for the international community and active UN institutions to work seriously and effectively to force the occupation to comply with the International Court of Justice's decisions and not just suffice with statements and positions, otherwise every delay results in more victims.

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