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In Response to U.S. Official's Statements, PA Denounces Alleged Support for Gaza Floating Port Project: PNN Report

Posted On: 16-05-2024 | Politics , National News
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In response to recent statements made by a U.S. official to Palestine News Network (PNN) regarding purported Palestinian Authority support for the Gaza floating port project and ongoing dialogue between the parties, Executive Committee member of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Secretary-General of the Palestinian Liberation Front, Wasel Abu Youssef, reiterated the clear stance of the Palestinian leadership.

Abu Youssef emphasized that from the outset, the Palestinian leadership has maintained a resolute position against the establishment of any port or similar projects. Instead, he stressed the urgent need for pressuring the Israeli government to open all crossings leading to the Gaza Strip. This, he stated, is essential to rescue the Palestinian people and facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid, food supplies, medical necessities, and all essential goods into the territory. Furthermore, he demanded an end to what he termed as a "genocidal war" against the Palestinian people, rejecting any notions of displacement.

Speaking exclusively to Palestine News Network (PNN), Abu Youssef dismissed assertions made by U.S. officials, characterizing them as part of a larger, highly-funded agenda aimed at imposing an American-Israeli agenda on Gaza and the broader region.

The Palestinian leadership remains steadfast in its rejection of the proposed floating port initiative, viewing it as a threat to Palestinian sovereignty and self-determination. Instead, they advocate for international support to pressure Israel to lift its blockade and allow for the free movement of goods and people, ultimately paving the way for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

In response to PNN question: American official said that PA support the floating port project in Gaza 

The Director of Response at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Dan Deikhaus, accompanied by Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, Deputy Commander of the US Central Command, stated in a press briefing held at the International Media Center in London, affiliated with the US Department of State via Zoom technology, that the floating seaport off the coast of the Gaza Strip is set to become operational in the coming days. He mentioned that the process of delivering aid has been tested in collaboration with a group of international and regional partners.

Dan Deikhaus, the Director of Response at USAID, responded to a question from colleague Munjed Jadou, the Editor-in-Chief of the Palestine News Network (PNN), regarding coordination with the Palestinian Authority. He indicated that US officials discussed the concept of the floating maritime navigation corridor with the Palestinian Authority and understood that there is general support for the port.

"It was evident that there were questions about the details regarding how this port will operate and how to ensure independent distribution of aid. These discussions are ongoing, but we understand that there is general support for anything that leads to increased assistance to those in need," Deikhaus clarified. The continuation of these discussions was emphasized, as the second part of the question regarding whether the lack of coordination with the Authority was due to Israel's rejection of the Palestinian Authority assuming any responsibilities in the sector was not conveyed by the press conference coordinator.

The US officials stated in their press remarks that they expect this port operational system to be in place.

As for the question from the journalist at Al-Ayyam newspaper, Abdul Raouf Arnout, regarding whether this project aims to facilitate urban displacement or assist in it, the American officials responded unequivocally that the purpose of this pier is purely humanitarian. It is designed to facilitate the independent distribution of humanitarian assistance to those in need wherever they may be located. Therefore, it does not aim to facilitate any other objective, including displacement or any other political or military goals. It is entirely dedicated to facilitating the provision of humanitarian aid.

They emphasized that this point is further demonstrated by the United Nations' support for this plan. Several United Nations officials have announced their support for delivering aid by sea. The United Nations assists in organizing goods in Cyprus and leads the coordination and distribution of goods once they arrive in Gaza.

They emphasized two important points: First, that the pier will be operational and will provide assistance to the people of Gaza in the coming days. And secondly, as mentioned, there is one goal for this pier, and that is the sole goal of providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza. There are no other objectives beyond that, according to their statements.

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