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Solidarity in Bethlehem: Condemning Israeli Attacks on Journalists

Posted On: 05-05-2024 | National News
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On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate organized a protest on Sunday evening to raise a cry against the Israeli targeting war against Palestinian journalists and media, particularly Palestinian, Arab, and international media, which has led to the martyrdom of 135 journalists and the injury of hundreds, as well as the destruction of hundreds of media headquarters and buildings.

The protest took place on the courtyard of the Church of the Nativity, where a formation was arranged resembling the number 135, symbolizing the one hundred and thirty-five journalists who were martyred by the bullets and shells of the occupation, alongside the word "Press" as a symbolic gesture to the martyrs among the journalism profession. The organizers of the protest clarified that its aim is to draw attention to the plight of Palestinian journalists in front of the Church of the Nativity, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, the Savior of humanity from the injustice, hatred, and racism that are recurring these days.

Bethlehem Governor Mohammad Taha stated, “Today, we stand in solidarity with journalists on World Press Freedom Day, even though this occupier kills and arrests journalists and prevents them from practicing their work, guaranteed by all laws.”

Governor Abu Aliya added, “Despite the bloodshed and the martyrdom and injuries of journalists, they were the eye of truth in exposing all the occupier's practices, whether in Gaza or the West Bank.”

In his speech representing the Journalists Syndicate, Mohammad Al-Lahham said, “Our gathering in this solidarity protest carries a message of peace and credibility at a time when it is absent from this wounded homeland, as the occupation has turned reality into war, destruction, and hygcrimes, with 135 journalists martyred in Gaza, in addition to the arrest of 100 journalists since the beginning of the aggression on October 7th, with 45 still in occupation prisons.”

 He praised the UNESCO Press Freedom Award for journalists in Gaza, which is a global recognition of the professionalism of Palestinian journalists and a fitting tribute to them and their sacrifices.

Mohammad Al-Jaafari, representing the national forces in Bethlehem, affirmed that the Palestinian journalistic body embodies all forms of professionalism, credibility, and determination in fulfilling its mission of conveying the truth, despite the continuous targeting by the occupation without any accountability.

Zghabi Zghabi, speaking on behalf of Bethlehem institutions, stated that Palestinian journalists have done everything to bring our people's cause to the world, despite the occupation's crimes against them, they have continued to deliver their message in the toughest times.

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