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US State Department's Arabic spokeswoman resigns over Gaza policy.

Posted On: 26-04-2024 | International , Palestinian Diaspora
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 Hala Rharrit, the Arabic-language spokeswoman for the US State Department, has resigned from the post in protest against the Biden administration's Gaza policy.

Her resignation, effective Wednesday, was confirmed through her State Department biography page, where she had also served as the Deputy Director of the Dubai Regional Media Hub.

In a statement attributed to her on a LinkedIn page believed to be hers, Rharrit stated, "I resigned April 2024 after 18 years of distinguished service in opposition to the United States' Gaza policy. Diplomacy, not arms. Be a force for peace and unity."

Having commenced her Foreign Service career in 2006, Rharrit has undertaken assignments in various countries, including Yemen, Hong Kong, Qatar, and South Africa.

Rharrit's resignation underscores a growing trend within the State Department, with several employees stepping down in disagreement with President Joe Biden's Gaza policy.

Annelle Sheline, who resigned publicly last month, cited her inability to fulfill her role in the human rights department under the current administration's policies.

Josh Paul, another former staffer who resigned last year over Gaza-related issues, remarked that while resignations may exert pressure on the administration, substantial changes in policy remain elusive.

The resignations come amid heightened criticism of Washington's steadfast support for Israel, particularly in light of recent legislation allocating $26 billion in aid to Israel amid the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

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