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Palestinian child killed by Israeli forces during military raid of Jenin.

Posted On: 30-03-2024 | National News
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 Jenin / PNN/

 A 13-yaer-old Palestinian child was shot and killed and two others were injured, one of them critically, during an Israeli military incursion at dawn into the town of Qabatiya, south of Jenin.

Fawaz Hammad, the director of Al-Razi Hospital in Jenin, said that Nabil Abu Abed, 13, has been killed after being seriously injured by occupation live` bullets.  

Local sources confirmed that large forces from the occupation army raided the said town, deployed their military vehicles in the streets and neighborhoods, while snipers were deployed on the rooftops of several buildings and shops.

Confrontations broke out in the said town following the military incursion, during which Israeli occupation army further opened heavy gunfire towards two young men, critically injuring one of them.

Later, Israeli forces also rounded up a Palestinian father along with his son after breaking into his house. They also ransacked several houses from the said town and inflicted damage to their contents.

Israeli occupation forces impeded the arrival of ambulance vehicles to the town to transport the wounded to hospital.


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