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Crafting Tradition: Feras Eid's Artisanal Juice Empire Flourishes in Ramallah

Posted On: 24-03-2024 | National News , Economy , Palestinian Diaspora , Palestinian Candles , Qarib Stories
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Ramallah/PNN/ Wessal Abu Aliya - 

Feras Eid didn't anticipate ending his career as a mobile coffee vendor at the Al-Manara roundabout in Ramallah, where he had worked for years. He transitioned to another field despite his lack of experience and familiarity with it: juice manufacturing, particularly Indian date juice. Feras Eid hails from the village of Ein Yabrud, situated between Jerusalem and Ramallah, born in 1984.

Feras Eid started his juice-making career in 1999, lacking experience and knowledge in the trade. He encountered challenges in juice production, sometimes facing issues like acidity, excessive or insufficient sugar content. However, he persevered, experimenting until he mastered the craft. His name became synonymous with various juices he produced with multiple flavors. He sourced raw materials for these juices, including Indian dates, carob, licorice, lemon, mint, and bitter almonds.

Eid explains that he began manufacturing carob juice in 1999 when it wasn't readily available in factories. It was manually produced, a laborious process consuming considerable time and effort. Amidst the difficult circumstances and numerous obstacles during the outbreak of the uprising in 2000, he sold juices at checkpoints.

Business in Palestine, Eid notes, is exceptionally challenging due to the political conditions, marked by instability. He decided to find independent work, relying on himself. He had always admired juice vendors, especially during Ramadan, viewing their work as essential and appreciated by people. Since he loved these juices himself, he decided to pursue this line of work.

Initially, Eid operated a stall in Ramallah, later catering to events and weddings. This profession became a source of livelihood for several individuals who worked with him. He began manufacturing and distributing juices through friends who needed work. This beverage became a staple in every household, especially during Ramadan, with increased demand for these natural juices, aiding fasters in quenching their thirst, as per Palestinian ancestral tradition.

As for business development, Eid explains that after years of selling juices as a mobile vendor, he transitioned his profession to become a wholesaler. Currently, he employs eight other individuals, especially during Ramadan due to increased demand. Palestinian tables are rarely without some of these juices, especially Indian date and almond flavors.

Eid states, "These juices are quintessentially Palestinian, and I ensure that those who work with me wear traditional heritage attire (damaya, hat, scarf, and fez), reviving and preserving our Palestinian heritage."

In his pursuit of further development and increased profits, Eid seeks additional capabilities by purchasing new tools and machinery needed for manufacturing. He managed to acquire a water filter and a carob press for his small factory in the village, where a PNN correspondent also met him.

Ramallah has a special connection with Feras Eid, as its residents encounter him almost daily on its streets, drawn by their strong interest in tasting his distinctive juices. He is often found near Al-Manara roundabout, becoming a landmark in the city with his traditional attire, which adds a unique charm. People in the city express their fondness for him, actively seeking out his unique juices.

As for the magical blend of these juices, Eid explains the manufacturing process, using Indian dates as an example. He says, "The most important thing is the person's love for the profession and good intentions. I choose the best variety of Indian dates and soak them for a period until they become soft, then I add other ingredients, including Indian date essence."

Regarding his nickname "Feras Indian Dates," Eid says, "Everyone who deals with me calls me by this nickname, even my wife calls me Feras Indian Dates." His popularity increased further when he participated in televised programs, gaining significant traction and public trust in the juices he produces.

Eid emphasizes that juice production has provided him with the opportunity to earn a living, helping him cope with the harsh living conditions and high costs of living amidst price hikes in all aspects of life. This includes his efforts to educate his children in schools and universities, a chance he couldn't provide due to the circumstances he faced.

He insists on ensuring his children complete their education, as he was unable to obtain an academic degree himself. He seeks to compensate for this through his children, also believing in the importance of education so they can live with dignity through their university degrees.

Eid asserts that working for a dignified living is far better than sitting idle due to the lack of opportunities, encouraging every young man and woman to think creatively and work, as Palestine is a land of opportunities despite the wars, occupation, and hardships it endures. He sees himself as one example that managed to establish itself in a field perhaps unnoticed by others.

The owner of Indian Dates juices indicates that he will continue his work in the juice industry and strive for further development. He dreams of becoming a factory owner distributing these Palestinian juices, considered part of the cultural heritage as Palestinian beverages, throughout Palestine and beyond. He believes that dreams have vast horizons.

In conclusion, he sends a message to the youth, saying, "Do not emigrate; our country is a land of goodness." Despite having a US visa because his wife is American, he refuses to leave for America. He always thinks about further development in his profession, urging them to cling to their homeland and work for it by staying and persevering, expressing his confidence in many examples like himself who managed to endure and succeed.

This story was produced as part of the "Qarib" program implemented by the French Media Development Agency (CFI) in partnership and funded by the French Agency for International Cooperation (AFD).




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