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EU, Palestinian Authority sign a 25.6 million agreement to improve water supply services in Gaza City

Posted On: 21-02-2024 | National News
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The Palestinian government and the European Union signed an agreement to provide water supply services to all areas of the Gaza Strip for the benefit of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), under the supervision of the Palestinian Water Authority, with an amount 25.6 million euros.

The agreement aims, according to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, to restore minimum water supply services in the short term, and to build on existing infrastructure and works already funded by the European Union, including immediate support to ensure the continuity of operations of the southern desalination plant funded by the European Union. European Union for producing drinking water and distributing it to the population.

While the agreement aims in the medium and long term to improve the operational capacity of the water system, this will include enhancing the flexibility of the plant and improving the capacity of the water distribution system to achieve greater sustainability.

It is expected that the southern desalination plant will be operated at full capacity and produce 20,000 cubic meters per day, and production capabilities will be increased targeting hospitals, refugee shelters, and others. Under the current circumstances, 1.7 million displaced people will benefit from the plant.

The agreement includes the emergency restoration of minimum water supply services, improving the operational capacity of the water system, so that damages along the transmission line to Rafah are repaired, supporting water trucking in emergency situations, in addition to installing water filling and distribution points, and purchasing mobile units for small-scale water desalination. Salinization and its operation in shelters, hospitals, etc. where there are working wells.


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