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President Abbas Urges Urgent Action from Secretary Blinken to Halt Israeli Aggression

Posted On: 07-02-2024 | Politics , National News
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President Mahmoud Abbas met with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah today to discuss the latest developments in the Palestinian arena and ongoing efforts to curb Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

President Abbas emphasized the immediate need to halt the Israeli aggression, particularly in the Gaza Strip, facing a devastating war and unprecedented destruction. He called on the international community to intervene and emphasized the urgency of introducing relief, medical, and food supplies, along with ensuring essential utilities in Gaza. The president underlined the rejection of forced displacement in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem, warning of potential consequences from any military operation in Rafah.

President Abbas urged the US to prevent the displacement of Palestinians in the West Bank by Israeli authorities, specifically addressing the Jordan Valley's silent land seizures. He called for US intervention to stop attacks by settler extremists in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The president called on Washington to exert more pressure on Israel to release Palestinian clearance funds and allow the State of Palestine control over its international crossings. Reiterating that Gaza is an integral part of the Palestinian state, President Abbas opposed plans to separate and reduce its territory, emphasizing that Gaza falls under the State of Palestine's responsibility.

Highlighting the importance of US recognition of the State of Palestine, President Abbas urged support for Palestine's pursuit of full UN membership through a UN Security Council decision. He called for an international peace conference, emphasizing that peace and security depend on implementing the two-state solution based on international legitimacy resolutions.

President Abbas also addressed the US Congress's decision to bar members of the Palestine Liberation Organization from entering the United States, describing it as disappointing and potentially detrimental to US efforts in creating a political climate for regional security and stability.

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