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Journalists Syndicate: Israeli army continues to target Palestinian journalists with the intent to kill

Posted On: 15-01-2024 | National News , Human Rights
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The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate affirmed today that the Israeli occupation army continues to target Palestinian journalists with the intent to kill.

The syndicate accused the occupation of killing journalists as part of its attempts to kill the truth of genocide committed against the Palestinian people in general, particularly in the Gaza Strip.

According to the monitoring of the syndicate’s freedoms committee on the 100th day of the aggression on the Strip and with the killing of Yazan Zweidi, Al-Ghad cameraman of Al-Arabi channel, the number of journalists killed by the Israeli army has so far reached 112, including 14 females, said the statement.

The syndicate pointed out that journalists in Gaza are facing high risks of being killed and are living in extremely complex and difficult conditions. Their families were also not spared, stressed the ministry, as hundreds were targeted and killed in airstrikes on the Strip.

It warned, in a statement, against the attempts of the occupation and its arms to falsify and fabricate charges against journalists with false accusations to justify murder and to challenge any future international judicial prosecution holding it accountable for these crimes.

The Syndicate stressed that it will continue to pursue politicians and officers of the occupation in all available forums to ensure that they do not escape accountability.

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