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"Palestinian Journalists Condemn Israeli Attacks: 83 Martyred, Demand Accountability"

Posted On: 22-12-2023 | National News
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The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate confirms its ongoing collaboration with various entities to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its crimes against Palestinian journalists. According to the syndicate's monitoring, approximately 83 journalists and reporters in the Gaza Strip have lost their lives due to Israeli targeting since the commencement of the aggression.

In a statement from the Freedom Committee affiliated with the syndicate, it was stated that, based on evidence, data, and proofs confirming the Israeli army's commission of these crimes, there have been 83 martyrs resulting from Israeli targeting of journalists.

The statement further notes that the series of targeting extends beyond individual journalists to affect their families. Hundreds of journalist families have suffered casualties as their homes were bombed in reprisal for the work of their children.

The statement emphasizes the continuation of Israeli occupation crimes and violations in the West Bank, involving pursuit, arrests, prevention of crews from working, as well as targeting with live ammunition, gas bombs, and sound grenades.

Mohammed al-Lahham, the head of the Freedom Committee, affirms that the syndicate's efforts persist in pursuing the occupation for its crimes on all fronts, despite the reluctance of international and human rights institutions to fulfill their duties towards journalists and victims of the occupation.

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