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Bethlehem Mourns: Christmas Celebrations Limited in Solidarity with Gaza

Posted On: 29-11-2023 | National News
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The Mayor of Bethlehem, Hanna Hanania, stated that the city is mourning, like all Palestinian cities. The municipality, along with churches and local community institutions, has issued a clear position to limit the Christmas celebrations to religious rituals, excluding any festive aspects traditionally associated with Bethlehem. This decision is a rejection of the brutal aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza, targeting children and civilians.

Hanania added in a recorded TV message that Christian churches have sent a message to the United States and many countries worldwide, urging the necessity to stop this brutal aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza. The churches' message also calls for lifting the siege on the West Bank, which has been under strict blockade since the continuous Israeli aggression against our people began.

Hanania emphasized that today marks World Solidarity Day with the Palestinian people. The Bethlehem municipality stands here today to raise its voice as Bethlehem always has and will continue to be a voice for truth and justice. It calls on the international community to fulfill its responsibilities, grant the Palestinian people their right to self-determination, establish their independent state, and have Jerusalem as its capital.

Heads of Christian Churches in Bethlehem and Jerusalem Send Message to President Biden

The heads of Christian churches in Bethlehem and Jerusalem addressed a message to U.S. President Joe Biden, stating, “God has placed political leaders in positions of power to achieve justice, support the suffering, and be instruments of peace.”

The message added, “As religious leaders, we always advocate for a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire—enough death, enough destruction. This is a moral commitment, and there must be alternative ways. This is our call and prayers for this Christmas.”

It's worth noting that Bethlehem previously announced the cancellation of Christmas celebrations for this year, limiting them to religious rituals in solidarity with Gaza

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