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Aida Youth Center Director Anas Abu Srour Abducted by Israeli Forces

Posted On: 29-11-2023 | Politics , Human Rights
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In a distressing turn of events, Anas Abu Srour, 35, Executive Director of the Aida Youth Center in the Aida Refugee Camp, has been apprehended by the Israeli occupation army. An integral member of the community, Anas is not only a dedicated professional but also a father to a newborn, a husband, son, and friend.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday, November 28th, when Anas, after completing an English-language exam in Ramallah, informed his wife, Maysan, around 11:45 am that he was en route home to Bethlehem. Shockingly, this was the last contact she had with him.

After an agonizing 12-hour period of uncertainty, the Palestinian Authority Liaison Office informed us, shortly after midnight local time, that Anas had been abducted by Israeli forces. Strikingly, no details regarding the circumstances of his arrest, charges, or his current location were provided by the Israeli military to the Palestinian Authority.

Concerns for Anas' well-being are heightened, given the perilous atmosphere for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. Reports of systematic torture, including beatings, harassment, and mass arbitrary imprisonments under administrative detention, have surged since October 7th. This harsh reality has disproportionately affected Palestinian men like Anas, who find themselves arbitrarily detained by Israeli forces.

We vehemently assert that Anas is innocent and has fallen victim to his Palestinian identity. We urgently call for his immediate release and demand an end to the unjust imprisonment of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation.

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