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Journalists Pay the Ultimate Price: 63 Media Professionals Martyred in Israeli Aggression on Gaza

Posted On: 23-11-2023 | National News
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The Journalists Syndicate announced the martyrdom of 63 journalists since the beginning of the Israeli occupation forces' aggression on the Gaza Strip on October 7 of last month.

A statement from the Freedom Committee of the Syndicate stated that the monitoring committee documented the martyrdom of 63 journalists due to targeting by the occupation forces with missiles from airplanes, artillery shells, and sniper gunfire.

The statement added that among the media casualties are 41 journalists working in various media disciplines, while 21 of their colleagues working in administrative, financial, and technical departments of media institutions were also martyred.

The statement mentioned that the arrest campaign affected a total of 31 journalists since October 7, including 29 in the West Bank and 2 in the Gaza Strip. The fate of journalists Nidal Al-Wahidi and Hathem Abdelwahid remains unknown since October 7.

Mohammed Al-Lahham, the head of the Freedom Committee at the Syndicate, pointed out that imprisoned journalists face harsh conditions contrary to international treaties and conventions for journalists and prisoners.

Al-Lahham highlighted the difficulty of monitoring and documenting under the intensity of the Israeli bombardment on the Gaza Strip, as well as internet and power outages.

Al-Lahham concluded that the details of the incidents and the above data are fully available on the website of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate.

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