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Israeli Forces Brutally Assault Prisoner During Arrest: Family Demands Urgent Medical Care

Posted On: 04-11-2023 | Prisoners , Human Rights
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Bethlehem /PNN / Nanjeb Faraj report - 

The family of the prisoner Ahmed Asaad Al-Saifi expressed deep concern for the life of their son, who was brutally beaten during his arrest right before their eyes.

The Israeli occupation forces had raided the house of the young man Ahmed Al-Saifi, 30 years old, located in Al-Duhisha camp early this morning. They immediately blew up the entrance to the house and entered it before its inhabitants woke up. 

They stormed into his room and began brutally beating him inside his room, in front of his family members. They then blinded his eyes, tied his hands, and forcibly removed him from the house. Once they reached the street adjacent to the house, they threw him to the ground. 

One of the soldiers grabbed a cement block that was lying on the roadside and placed it on his head. Subsequently, one of them violently stomped on the block on his head. This was all captured on video by neighbors clandestinely. After finishing that, the tape showed that the soldiers, approximately 18 of them, forcibly lifted him from the ground, with extreme force, and then marched him bent over, receiving numerous violent punches and kicks.

The family reported that what they witnessed of the brutal beating confirmed that their son Ahmed had sustained injuries. Bloodstains were visible on the ground where he was thrown, indicating heavy bleeding. 

This situation necessitates his immediate transfer to the hospital. The family appealed to human rights organizations to find out the fate of their son and work on transferring him to the hospital.

It is worth noting that the young man Ahmed is one of the field social activists. He has been detained four times, the most recent being for four months under administrative detention. He was released approximately two months ago.

It is also worth noting that the phenomenon of assaulting prisoners has increased significantly recently, posing a major threat to the lives of prisoners. During the past ten days, the deaths of prisoners Arafat Hamdan from Beit Sira village in the Ramallah district, and Omar Draghma from Tubas, were announced upon their arrests, confirming that their deaths resulted from beating and torture during their arrest.

Several testimonies have been documented regarding the beatings and abuse prisoners endure. Dozens of soldiers unleash a frenzy of violence upon the detainees, which in itself constitutes a danger to their lives. The beatings administered to detainees are part of a higher policy and are carried out within the context of a brutal revenge against the Palestinian people.

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