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9061 killed : Escalating Death Toll and Healthcare Crisis in Gaza as Israeli Aggression Continues

Posted On: 02-11-2023 | Politics , National News , health
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The Ministry of Health in Gaza reports a significant increase in casualties as a result of the Israeli aggression, with the death toll reaching 9,061, including 3,760 children and 2,326 women. The number of injured individuals has surged to 32,000.

The situation in Gaza's hospitals is growing dire as the primary generator at the Indonesian Hospital is at risk of failing, and the main generator at Al-Shifa Complex is also on the brink of failure. This imminent power crisis threatens to further exacerbate the already strained healthcare system.

Additionally, the approval for the evacuation of injured individuals remains unexecuted, as Israeli forces have disrupted vital transportation routes between the north and south of the Gaza Strip, leaving those in need of urgent medical care stranded in ambulances.

In light of the escalating humanitarian crisis and the unabated violence, there is an urgent plea to the international community to intervene, cease the ongoing massacres, and facilitate safe passages for the transfer of the wounded to hospitals in Egypt and other Arab countries.

Over the past few hours, the Israeli occupation forces have committed 15 new massacres, resulting in the tragic loss of 256 lives.

The brutal actions of the Israeli occupation persist, with the number of family massacres in Gaza now totaling 965, further underscoring the catastrophic situation in the region.

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