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Invitation to Attend the Global Festival of Death in Gaza" By Issa Qaraqea

Posted On: 30-10-2023 | Opinion
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Ladies and gentlemen, the global imperialist and Zionist forces invite you to attend the Global Festival of Death in Gaza, on the occasion of Halloween, which falls on the 31st of October every year. It is a sacred celebration of horror observed by colonial and European countries on the last day of summer before the arrival of winter. 

For the first time, this festival is being held on the sacrificial body of Gaza, and you will witness astonishing performances that transform people's lives into ghosts and skulls, blurring the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead, all by the will of colonizers and fate.

The Global Festival of Death, which began its performances on October 7, 2023, remains open to death and beyond. You will see the world and the afterlife vanish in an instant, fires blazing from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Feel free to bring all sorts of weapons, cameras, your scientific, geological, astronomical, and topographical expertise. The festival is filled with all forms of knowledge. You will live this moment, and then you will die shortly after. Gaza will become a new, disfigured, and shattered place. The festival is full of thrill and excitement.

Families who were here are no longer here. Collective human extinction will happen in a short time, not through lengthy biological developments.

Western scientists can train in the arena of Gaza - chemists, weapon makers, sociologists, academics, philosophers, anatomists, anthropologists, biologists, doctors, physicists, psychologists, astronomers, and politicians. It's the opportunity of the 21st century. You won't hear about death; you will witness it directly. It descends on people without discrimination, material death, spiritual death, psychological death, social death, and more. You will witness the death of death itself, horror, fear, panic, and hot pursuit. You can take laboratory samples from the burnt body of Gaza to understand the reasons for Gaza's resilience and extraordinary heroism.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Global Festival of Death in Gaza. You will experience unmatched pleasure, indulge in your secret sadism, for hell is no longer just a concept in writings, violent films, and series; it has become a reality. Gaza is now before you. See, it has turned into a mill for human flesh, ready material for entertainment and enjoyment. It has become a fiery furnace. Applaud the living death, the awakened death. Observe the rush of people fleeing to another type of death out of fear of death. This is a historic moment accompanied by scenes of scattered body parts and soundtracks, desires for destruction and extinction. It paints another face of the Mediterranean, a massive grave swallowing souls in Gaza.

Welcome to the Global Festival of Death in Gaza. The performers wield iron swords, long-range and body-cutting missiles. They wear masks, monstrous hides, and terrifying attire. Acrobatics and cinematic scenes accompanied by the music of warplanes and the roar of artillery shells.

Even Hollywood's filmmakers are deeply impressed by the grandeur of these celebrations carried out by Zionism, European imperialism, and the United States. Sound of agony for the slaughtered, the gurgling of blood, other sounds of all living beings above and below the ground. Engineering another life and a return to the Stone Age and barren plateaus.

Ladies and gentlemen, who will die now? Look, a deafening noise, death is not individual but collective. Bodies, numbers, and shards. No end to the counts. Genius mathematicians sitting here should reconsider their calculations. Infinite matrices of death. Death in Gaza means death everywhere. It is not just physical death but the death of minds, thoughts, and history. That's why there's silence in the ocean, as death and the living are equal. The bombardment continues. Look at black, red, and yellow colors. Fragmentations of human and mental atoms. Blood oxidizes with suffocating air. Night and day vanish. Time and place are a frozen corpse in Gaza. Einstein and his theory of relativity fall. The absent embrace the present in time and place. A black hole sucking human and non-human atrocities, taking them to eternal annihilation, crushing them in the void.

Welcome to the Global Festival of Death in Gaza. Gaza has opened its body and ribs to all Western researchers who have rushed to discover all the greatness from its bones, feet, hands, and lungs. Now, the imperialist competition is about who can present the most brutal and bloodiest scenes. The more precise the execution, the more tragic the death, the more fun and ecstasy it brings. The celebrants dance and chant, "Show us the piles of burned children, show us other types of killing and torture." We, who invented the guillotine, crucifixion, burning, dismemberment, flaying, iron maiden, and the rack, skinning and impaling, feeding the living to predatory beasts, want something new in Gaza to add to our previous.

“Welcome to the Global Festival of Death in Gaza”. The celebration is still thundering in Gaza; destruction and death dominate its day and night. Gaza has become a vast crucible for melting humanity and dismantling human life. Imperialism, Zionism, and their leaders are still discovering the dark land in the most densely populated Palestinian areas. It's curiosity, scientific enthusiasm, and the desire for dominance, to add a narrative and a catastrophe to the narratives of genocide rooted in this symbiosis between imperialism and Zionism, the domination of third-world nations, and the concealment of Palestine, its voice, memory, and image.

Listen now; the settlers are chanting: "We want Gaza to die without leaving behind any corpses. We want it to turn into nothing. We want more terrifying displays. Don't tell us that there's another Gaza underground. Don't listen to the speeches of the United Nations, the Security Council, human rights organizations, or the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. Don't listen to the cries of Samih al-Qasim as he says: 'Advance, advance, the earth beneath you is hell, and the sky above you is hell. Extinguish Gaza from existence. No air, no water, no medicine, no food, no sound.

We want the beast lurking deep within us to breathe, so we can build civilization, enlightenment, and advanced cultures. Gaza must die, and we will loot its past and future life."

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