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Humanitarian Crisis Deepens: Over 4,700 Martyrs and Nearly 16,000 Injured as Israeli Aggression Continues in Gaza

Posted On: 22-10-2023 | National News , Human Rights
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The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported that the casualties of the ongoing Israeli occupation forces' aggression on Gaza and the West Bank since October 7th have risen to 4,741 martyrs (4,651 in Gaza) and 15,898 injured (14,245 in Gaza).

In a press statement released on Sunday, the Ministry stated that the percentage of martyrs among children, women, and the elderly has reached approximately 70%. The number of child martyrs in Gaza and the West Bank totals 1,903, with 1,024 women martyred and 187 elderly individuals.

The report highlights that 43 martyrs' bodies were buried yesterday due to the shortage of space in morgue refrigerators, making it impossible to keep their remains until identification is possible.

The Ministry of Health also pointed out that the aid trucks that entered Gaza yesterday, for the first time since the beginning of the aggression, represent only 4% of the daily import rate before the conflict.

In the report, the Ministry of Health observed cases of measles, scabies, and diarrhea due to poor health conditions and the use of unsafe water sources.

Twenty hospitals in Gaza, as well as 65% of primary healthcare facilities, have ceased to operate.

The Ministry estimated the number of displaced individuals in Gaza to be approximately 1.4 million, with 685,000 displaced among other families, 544,000 in 147 schools belonging to UNRWA, 101,000 in mosques, churches, and public areas, and 70,000 in 67 government schools.

According to the report, the occupation authorities have threatened more than 1.1 million people to leave their homes in northern Gaza and move to southern areas.

The report indicated that 42% of housing units in Gaza have been completely destroyed due to the severe bombing by the Israeli occupation forces, both from the air and the sea, since the beginning of the conflict on the 7th of this month.

The number of completely destroyed housing units reached 25,756, with 139,000 partially damaged. Four hospitals have gone out of service after being destroyed, along with 178 educational institutions, including 140 government schools and 20 UNRWA schools.

The Ministry of Health recorded 250 assaults on healthcare personnel and facilities, resulting in the martyrdom of 42 healthcare workers and the injury of over 34. Fifty ambulances were affected, 23 of which went out of service. Sixty-nine attacks on healthcare facilities have led to seven of them ceasing operations.

The Ministry emphasized that the healthcare system is on the brink of collapse due to the shortage of medications, equipment, medical personnel, and energy sources. Hospitals are operating at over 150% of their capacity, leading to surgical operations being performed without anesthesia, illuminated by mobile phone lights, and the treatment of the injured taking place in hallways and on the floor, among other unsuitable places.

The report also mentions that around 9,000 cancer patients depend on chemotherapy to stay alive, which is provided by the Turkish hospital relying on a single power generator. The time for kidney dialysis sessions for over 1,000 patients has been reduced from four hours to two and a half hours.

Moreover, the report points out that at least 130 mentally challenged children relying on caretakers face the risk of death due to resource shortages and power outages. Approximately 50,000 pregnant women face challenges in accessing healthcare due to the attacks on medical facilities and personnel.

Furthermore, Gaza hospitals have received reports of 1,450 missing individuals who are still under the rubble, including 800 children.

According to the hospitals, the occupation committed 24 massacres in the last 24 hours, resulting in 266 martyrs, including 117 children, most of them in southern Gaza. The occupation has committed 574 massacres, causing 3,600 martyrs, and multiples of this number remain under the rubble since the start of the aggression on the region.

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