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Gaza Medical Teams Stand Strong Amid Israeli Threats, Plead for Global Support

Posted On: 14-10-2023 | National News , Human Rights
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In the face of Israeli threats to evacuate hospitals, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qidra, reiterated the unwavering commitment of medical teams to stand their ground within healthcare facilities, even in the event of airstrikes.

The ministry of health Spokesperson D. Ashraf Al Qudra said  in Gaza: Resolute Stance Against Israeli Hospital Evacuation Threats, Upholding Ethical Duty to Continue Operations.

Al-Qidra emphasized, “We, as medical teams, have made the decision not to abandon our hospitals and reject Israeli threats, even if our hospitals come under attack.”

He also called upon our brethren and colleagues in Jordan and the Jordanian field hospital not to leave the Strip and to continue providing services to our people and the injured.

Furthermore, al-Qidra urged the international community to secure a safe passage for the entry of equipment, doctors, medical delegations, and fuel to support our teams, who have been tirelessly working for eight days.

"The occupation has targeted doctors and claimed the lives of several. There is an urgent need to protect medical teams, and the international community must supply them with the necessary equipment, medications, and supplies before waking up to a humanitarian crisis and atrocious crimes. There will be a catastrophe if crossings are not opened by exerting pressure on all parties," al-Qidra warned.

He added, "Hospitals will turn into graves instead of healing centers if immediate action is not taken.

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