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Palestinian-European economic forum will be held in the West Bank for the first time next month – Economy minister

Posted On: 03-09-2023 | Economy
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Bethlehem /PNN /

 Minister of Economy Khaled Osaily said today that a Palestinian-European economic forum will be held in the West Bank for the first time next month.

He told the official Voice of Palestine radio that the Palestinian-European forum will be held in Bethlehem on the 24th of next month with the aim of discussing expanding investment prospects in the Palestinian territories.

He said the forum will be held at a joint invitation from the Ministry of Economy and the European Union Office in the Palestinian Territories to promote investment opportunities in the Palestinian territories to boost Palestinian development.

Osaily stated that the forum will be attended by about 500 Palestinian, Arab, and European businessmen and representatives of European institutions to support the development and enhance networking between businessmen through investment projects that have good returns and generate revenues.

He stressed that the forum represents “an opportunity to enhance Palestinian-European partnership and to learn about available investment opportunities and establish business partnerships,” noting that the Palestinian government will provide all facilities and incentives that will encourage investments.

The Economy Minister said the Palestinian Authority looks forward to the convening of the Palestinian-European economic forum to bring support from European financial investors to the Palestinian economy and to enhance development in various fields.

A recent World Bank report expected a decline in the growth of the Palestinian economy in 2023, after a continuous recovery at a growth rate of 4% in 2022, warning that the increase in tensions in the Palestinian territories and the repercussions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine carry significant negative risks.

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