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Official warns of the consequences of Ben-Gvir’s decision restricting family visits to prisoners

Posted On: 01-09-2023 | National News , Prisoners
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Qaddura Fares, the Chairman of the Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission, has strongly condemned the decision made by racist Israeli Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, to reduce family visits to the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli detention centers to once every two months instead of once a month.

In a press statement Fares said Ben-Gvir's decision as part of a “racist and retaliatory approach aimed at harming the prisoners and their families. This decision infringes upon the basic rights of the Palestinian prisoners, in clear violation of both Israeli laws and international legal standards.”

Fares pointed out that Ben-Gvir's decision is driven by a desire to inflict suffering upon the prisoners and their families, turning their living conditions into a political battleground and a challenge to the will of the Palestinian people. He noted that the Palestinian people will not surrender to these tactics and will not abandon the prisoners in their fight for dignity and rights.

Israel’s continued targeting of our prisoners will be the focal point of the next confrontation with the Israeli occupation, involving all Palestinian factions, forces, and institutions rallying behind the cause of the prisoners,” said Fares.

He asserted that this united stance “will ultimately defeat this dangerous and fascist approach, driven by a sense of failure and frustration on the part of Ben-Gvir, who has been unable to fulfill the promises he made during his election campaign.”

For his part Hussein al-Sheikh, Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) said the racist measures that were announced by racist Israeli cabinet minister, Ben-Gvir against Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails threaten to manifest in explosive situations.

“This requires an immediate retraction of these decisions and the direct intervention by international human rights organizations and the International Red Cross,” said the PLO official in a tweet,

The deputy chairman of the Prisoners' society , Abdullah Al-Zghari, has warned against the decision of the fascist minister (Ben Gavir) to interfere with the system of family visits to prisoners and reduce them. He pointed out that this decision comes as the occupation continues to deprive thousands of prisoners' family members of visits on security pretexts.

Al-Zghari stated today that the forthcoming steps of the prisoner movement will be announced to confront this decision, affirming that the prisoner movement, based on unity, is ready to resume its ongoing battle against the policies and measures of the occupation government.

Al-Zghari emphasized that these measures as a whole will lead to an open confrontation with the prisoners, following several rounds of battles waged by the prisoner movement over the past period, especially since this decision comes a week after Ben Gavir announced his intention to deprive prisoners of television channels and interfere with the organizational structures of the prisoners, as part of his unending threats.

Al-Zghari added that the fascist Israeli occupation government insists on using the issue of prisoners to gain favor with the Israeli public and to get out of its current crisis by imposing more racist and retaliatory laws and decisions.

He pointed out that since the fascist government took over, it has sought to impose a new reality in the prisons. However, the prisoners have managed, through their struggle tools, to impose a state of continuous confrontation against what this government has sought to do, especially the measures announced by the fascist Ben Gavir.



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