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Israel's Plans to Allocate Additional Funds for Settlements Raise Concerns and Opposition

Posted On: 18-08-2023 | Politics , Israeli news
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Hebrew newspapers revealed on Friday new decisions and additional financial allocations that will be allocated to settlements in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.

According to the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, the Israeli government will announce in the coming weeks the actual recognition of settlements and outposts that do not have an "official independent" status, to become officially recognized and budgets will be directly allocated to them in the hundreds of millions of shekels, especially for infrastructure, education, and other purposes.

Many settlements, especially in Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, and some areas of the West Bank, will be allowed to officially apply for recognition.

Several settlement outposts surrounding certain settlements will be recognized as neighborhoods within those settlements, and budgets will be allocated for their benefit. However, the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth mentioned that about 1 billion shekels will be transferred for the settlements and outposts, especially in Area C.

The newspaper indicated that 672 million shekels of this amount will be transferred from the budget for 2023-2024, but parts of it with unspecified costs will be later determined and will be paid from the budgets of different ministries such as finance, interior, and the army.

The movement is led by the Minister of Settlement, Orit Struck, who announced that a third of the amount will be allocated from her office's budget.

Struck aims to increase settlements in Area C, under the pretext of preventing Palestinian control over that area and fighting "terrorism."

Struck said, "Yes, we are strengthening settlements, and soon there will be important and excellent decisions, there will be no second class of our citizens." The US State Department responded last night to the published plan, confirming its opposition to it and any settlement expansion that threatens the two-state solution, increases tensions, and undermines trust between the parties, calling on Israel to refrain from these actions.

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