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Shocking Revelations of Torture on Palestinian Children in Israeli Prisons Spark Urgent International Call for Action

Posted On: 14-08-2023 | National News , Human Rights
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Jerusalem/ PNN/

The Prisoners' Affairs Authority has exposed terrifying methods of torture perpetrated by Israeli forces within prisons against young Palestinian residents of Jerusalem.

The Authority, representing both prisoners and those who have been released, urgently called on international institutions and human rights organizations to intervene immediately to halt the repeated brutal attacks inflicted upon Palestinians during their arrests, detention, and subsequent mistreatment by the occupying forces.

In a statement, the Authority highlighted that "Israeli forces have been displaying a range of direct assaults on citizens, employing physical violence, truncheons, firearm butts, as well as tear gas and live ammunition, in addition to the relentless torment from the moment of their arrest through their detention in investigation centers."

The case of 15-year-old Mohammad Ghayth serves as a disturbing example. Ghayth was apprehended from his home at four in the morning, with police officers handcuffing him and causing catastrophic damage to the contents of the house.

According to the Authority's lawyer, upon arriving at the Maskobiya prison, Ghayth was led into a cameraless room where he was instantly assaulted by four individuals. They viciously attacked him, threatening to electrocute him and continuing to beat him unless he confessed to the charges levied against him.

The lawyer continued, stating that Ghayth was subjected to this ordeal for 47 days in the Maskobiya prison before being transferred to the Damon prison in the "Ashbal" section.

In a similar vein, the mother of 17-year-old prisoner Ayyham Alsha'er recounted the extreme torture and torment her son experienced during his arrest. Israeli forces raided their home in Al-Tur town in Jerusalem at five in the morning, dragging him from his bed and throwing him to the ground, where he was repeatedly slapped.

They then took him, after prolonged beatings, to the Maskobiya interrogation center. During the questioning process, he was handcuffed behind his back and forced to face the wall, enduring repeated slaps to his face and kicks.

The lawyer informed her that during the interrogation of her son, one of the Israeli police officers would enter and repeatedly beat him. Following the interrogation, he was taken to the court where his detention was extended. From there, he was transferred to the rooms of the Maskobiya prison, where he remained for 45 days, later being moved to the Damon prison in the "Ashbal" section.

It's noteworthy that Israeli authorities have escalated their methods of torture and ill-treatment against detainees and prisoners, with hundreds of detainees facing torture and mistreatment from the moment of their arrest and throughout their incarceration.

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