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Release of settler who killed a young Palestinian encourages settlers to commit more crimes: Foreign Ministry

Posted On: 09-08-2023 | National News
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Ramallah /PNN /

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned today an Israeli court's decision to release an extremist Israeli terrorist accused of killing a young Palestinian in the village of Burqa, near Ramallah.

In a statement, the ministry condemned the release of Elisha Yarda, who was arrested by the Israeli police as one of the two suspects in the killing of Qusai Maatan in Burqa on Friday.

The ministry said the court released the terrorist settler and placed him under house arrest disregarding the fact that he attacked the town of Burqa and his public incitement to kill Palestinians while bragging about it.

This decision is provocative and encourages extremist terrorist settlers to commit more assaults and attacks against Palestinian towns and people, and gives Jewish settler terrorist organizations more sense of impunity, the ministry affirmed.

It said that it is not surprised by this expected decision by the occupation courts and its judicial system, which has proven over decades that it is an integral part of the occupation system and does not issue its decisions based on any law, but rather according to the interests of Israeli colonialism and settlement.

It called on countries and international and national courts not to give any consideration to the Israeli investigations and courts and to immediately initiate their own investigations regarding the crimes of terrorist settlers operating in the occupied West Bank.

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