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Palestinian Leadership Halts Communication with Israel and Suspends Security Coordination

Posted On: 03-07-2023 | Politics
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Ramallah / PNN / 
The Palestinian leadership has decided to halt all communications and meetings with the Israeli side, as well as to continue the suspension of security coordination. 

This came in a statement issued by the Palestinian leadership, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, during an emergency meeting held at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah today, Monday, to discuss the ongoing Israeli aggression on the city of Jenin and its camp.

According to the statement delivered by the presidential spokesperson, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, the leadership has decided to call for an emergency meeting of the general secretaries to agree on a comprehensive national vision and unite ranks to confront and counter the Israeli aggression.

The leadership emphasized the right of our people to defend themselves and stated that the mission of the authority and its various institutions is to protect the Palestinian people, mobilizing all its resources for this purpose. It called on everyone to assume their responsibilities in this regard, while emphasizing commitment to international legitimacy and international law.

Abu Rudeineh said: In light of Israel's non-compliance with the agreements of Aqaba and Sharm el-Sheikh, the leadership announces that these agreements are no longer relevant and are not in effect.

Furthermore, the leadership has decided to immediately approach the United Nations Security Council to implement Resolution 2334 and the international protection resolution for the Palestinian people, to halt unilateral measures, impose sanctions on the occupying state, and call on the International Criminal Court to expedite the consideration of the cases referred to it.

President Abbas calls for international protection for Palestinian people, imposing sanctions on Israel

President Mahmoud Abbas renewed today his call on the international community to provide urgent international protection for the Palestinian people, impose sanctions on Israel and condemn the ongoing terrorist aggression against Jenin and its refugee camp.

President Abbas made these remarks during a leadership meeting he chaired at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah to discuss the ongoing aggression against Jenin and its camp.

During the meeting, President Abbas called on the general secretaries of all Palestinian factions for an emergency meeting to confront these dangers.

“I directed the government and its agencies to provide everything necessary to strengthen the steadfastness of our people in Jenin and the rest of the land of the State of Palestine,” President Abbas said.

The President called on the Palestinian people to stand firm and steadfast in these difficult moments.

He also called on everyone to unite and defend the Palestinian people's land, sanctities, and legitimate rights to freedom and independence, and to end the occupation of the land of the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.

President Abbas saluted the Palestinian people who heroically face the daily aggression of the Israeli occupation army and the terror of settler gangs and defend themselves, their homes, and their property with steadfastness.

Eight Palestinians have so far been killed and 70 were injured, many of them critically, in the ongoing large-scale Israeli air and land assault on Jenin.

Israeli occupation army launched a major assault on Jenin since dawn today, starting with airstrikes before dozens of military vehicles and several hundred soldiers raided the city, concentrating on its refugee camp.

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