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Israeli Government's Changes to Settlement Advancement Procedures Raise Concerns, Says UN Special Coordinator

Posted On: 19-06-2023 | Politics , International
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 In a recent development, the Israeli Government's decision to modify settlement planning procedures, which have been in place since 1996, has drawn deep concern. This alteration is anticipated to expedite the expansion of settlements, further exacerbating tensions. Additionally, Israeli planning authorities are expected to advance over 4,000 settlement housing units next week, an alarming move according to the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wennesland.

Highlighting the illegitimacy of Israel's establishment of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem,

Wennesland reiterated that these actions blatantly violate international law and hold no legal validity.

Calling for immediate action, Wennesland urged the Government of Israel to halt and reverse these decisions. He emphasized that such measures not only serve as a major obstacle to achieving the two-State solution but also undermine the prospects for a just, lasting, and comprehensive peace.

Wennesland expressed his concerns against the backdrop of escalating violence and fragility on the ground. With the absence of a political process and ongoing international and regional efforts to foster constructive dialogue between the parties, the UN Special Coordinator warned that these steps only serve to widen the divide between Israelis and Palestinians. He cautioned that they pose a significant risk of destabilizing an already highly tense situation on the ground.

The current situation calls for urgent attention and coordinated efforts to address the growing challenges. 

The UN Special Coordinator's statement emphasizes the need for a renewed commitment to finding a sustainable resolution and urges all parties to prioritize dialogue and reconciliation.

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