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PNN Video :The Walled Off Hotel Gallery Opens Doors to "Face and Place" Exhibition, Attracting Global Attention

Posted On: 27-05-2023 | National News , Culture , PNN TV Reports
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Bethlehem /PNN/

The Walled Off Hotel /BANKSY Gallery inaugurated its new and distinctive art exhibition titled "Face and Place" in Bethlehem. The exhibition showcased the works of 24 Palestinian artists, as part of the hotel's efforts to develop and support the Palestinian art movement and create a Palestinian artistic atmosphere that attracts both the Palestinian community and visitors from around the world.

The opening ceremony was attended by the hotel's manager, Sam Salsa, and representatives of the hotel's advisory council for the art exhibition, along with a large gathering of young artists and enthusiasts.

Wisam Salsaa Director of The  of Walled Off Hotel said in the opening ceremonies that the exhibition titled "Face and Place" includes artistic paintings by renowned Palestinian artists, as well as works by young artists from various parts of Palestine. He also mentioned that the exhibition's judging committee held a meeting to select the twenty artworks for the annual competition. These artworks will be displayed in one of the exhibition halls for voting as part of the competition's evaluation. The names of the artists who completed these twenty artworks will be announced later.

He emphasized that the hotel and the exhibition management have established an advisory council consisting of prominent figures, aiming to enhance and develop the Palestinian art scene. This council holds regular sessions to discuss various matters.

Artist Suleiman Mansour, on behalf of the advisory council, expressed his deep gratitude to the hotel manager, Sam Salsa, who successfully introduced Palestinian art to the Western world and the tourism industry. Previously, Palestinian artworks were mainly exhibited in Palestine and Jordan, but today, hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists visit the hotel to experience Palestinian art. The hotel has gained international recognition and has become a destination for art lovers.

Mansour added that the exhibition and the hotel have become a focal point for art tourism, not only for Palestinians but also for people from around the world. Tourists, visitors, and art enthusiasts come to the hotel and its exhibitions to enjoy Palestinian art. He thanked the hotel and its management, as well as George Al-A'ma, the curator of the hotel's exhibitions, for their efforts in ensuring the success of the exhibitions. He also highlighted how the exhibition serves as a supportive platform for artists by promoting and selling their artworks, thus contributing to the art sector and supporting artists.

George Al-A'ma, the curator of the exhibition, mentioned that the new exhibition features 24 distinguished artworks carefully selected during the upcoming period. He added that the gallery's management has chosen to combine artworks by talented young artists with those by renowned Palestinian artists, aiming to provide opportunities for young artists to enter the art scene strongly.

He expressed his special thanks to  Wisam Salsaa for his support to young artists, especially those from Gaza and all of Palestine, as he has worked for years to support young talents and their works. Al-A'ma also mentioned the important names among the 24 artists, both young and veteran, who participated in the exhibition.

Al-A'ma highlighted the gallery's policy of promoting art by transforming it into various artistic media tools to promote the artistic and national message. This includes printing high-quality posters that allow foreign tourists to purchase artworks.

He confirmed that the exhibition, titled "Thought, Face, and Place," represents the thoughts of senior artists, with their faces being the faces of artists like Suleiman Mansour, Khaled Al-Horani, Nabil Barakat, Samar Ghattas, and other remarkable names. These artists have become an integral part of the hotel and its exhibition. The artworks by these artists have become part of the hotel's artistic and touristic offerings, promoting Palestine.

"In turn, Palestinian artist Khalid Barakat thanked, on behalf of the Advisory Council of The World of Art Gallery, the artists who participated in the opening of this exhibition. He also appreciated the efforts and initiatives of young artists who constitute an ongoing extension of the Palestinian national art movement."

Foer her part Samar Ghattas Palestinian artist told PNN that there is a large number of young artists graduating from universities, and this exhibition that opens opportunities for them is a good exhibition because it contributes to the continuation of the Palestinian art movement and keeps it alive. The new generation represents continuity.

She added that the new generation has different ideas and means of expression compared to traditional methods and tools that align with the times, and they address issues that the youth experience.

Rani Al-Shurbati a young Palestinian artist told PNN that he participated in an art collection of my own production recently, and I am grateful to the exhibition that gave me this opportunity and space because it allows me to convey my art to the community. Unfortunately, such spaces are scarce.

We want creative artistic spaces so that we can see the young generation, like myself, getting opportunities to convey their message. I hope that there will be greater future attention to young artists, the young Palestinian artist said.


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