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Israeli occupation forces blow up house of slain young Palestinian man in West Bank

Posted On: 23-05-2023 | National News , Human Rights
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Israeli forces have blown up the house belonging to the family of a young Palestinian man who was killed after allegedly carrying out a shooting operation in central Tel Aviv back in March.

Palestinian media reports, quoting witnesses and local residents, said Israeli forces stormed the West Bank town of Ni'lin, near Ramallah, shortly after midnight on Tuesday and raided the home of Mutaz Khawaja.

Israeli military units consisting of at least 50 vehicles surrounded a number of houses, including Khawaja’s building, and forced its residents out before proceeding to detonate it.

Confrontations broke out with the Israeli army in the area after the raid began, with several serious live ammunition injuries reported.

Israeli soldiers used live bullets and sound and toxic gas bombs to disperse the Palestinian protesters seeking to prevent soldiers from proceeding with the demolition.  

In March, Khawaja allegedly carried out a shooting attack that resulted in the killing of one Israeli settler and the injury of others in central Tel Aviv before being killed by Israeli forces. The attack followed an Israeli raid in the Jenin area that left three Palestinians dead that same day.

Israeli police said that at least three were injured, including one critically, when Khawaja opened fire at a group of settlers outside a cafe in the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv.

He reportedly then fled the scene before being shot dead in a shootout with police officers a short time later.

The Palestinian man was shot dead by four armed individuals, including two Israeli police officers who were at the scene, one of whom was off duty. The other two included a settler and a reserve officer, Israeli officials said.


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