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Students of"Al-Tahaddi5" School are left stranded in the courtyard after it was demolished:PNN Vedio

Posted On: 21-05-2023 | National News , Human Rights , PNN TV Reports , PNN Documentaries
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Bethlehem/ PNN / Monjed Jadou report & Ahmad Jubran filming, editing

Under the scorching sun, amidst the thorns of nature, insects, and the remnants left behind by the occupying forces, the school “ Al-Tahaddi 5 ” was demolished, its contents confiscated, and the tents set up after the demolition were removed, leaving the students in the village of Jeb -Al-Dheib studying in the open air. This scene reflects the ongoing destruction and displacement of the Palestinian catastrophe, known as the Nakba, which has been going on for 57 years.

Shereen Abu Taha, the principal of Al-Tahaddi 5 school, emphasized the difficulties faced and the challenging academic environment after the Israeli forces demolished the school. She pointed out the lack of sufficient desks for studying, not even for the teachers. Additionally, they have to sit in the open air under the sun, exposed to reptiles and insects such as snakes and scorpions, which become more prevalent as summer approaches and temperatures rise.

 This necessitates the teachers to inspect and ensure the safety of the area before the students sit on the ground. She stressed that all these conditions create an unsuitable environment for learning.

Abu Taha also pointed out that the Israeli forces seized all the furniture and equipment inside the school before its demolition. She emphasized the importance of staying in this area and continuing to operate the school and educate the students as a means of preserving it from the Israeli forces who seek to control it. 

She reaffirmed the commitment to education until the end of the current academic semester.

The students are experiencing a bitter reality in this open-air setting, where there are no toilets or tents to shield them from the scorching sun. They lack the proper educational atmosphere, yet they insist on staying in their school.

Layan another student also emphasized the challenging conditions and the unsuitability of the surrounding environment for the learning process. She confirmed her love for studying despite all the circumstances.

Layan also expressed her love for the school, stating that the Israeli forces demolished it to deprive Palestinian students of their right to education. She confirmed that the study environment after the school's demolition is not favorable, especially since they are studying in the open air, making them susceptible to significant disturbances. She particularly mentioned the ongoing pressure exerted by the Israeli forces, even after demolishing the school, by confiscating the tents that were set up to continue the educational process after the demolition.

In turn, student Dima, in the third grade, emphasized the difficulty of education after the demolition of her school by the Israeli forces, forcing them to learn in the open air. She mentioned that she and her classmates were suddenly confronted with a scorpion in the area, which caused a state of panic among them. She affirmed her love for the school and education despite all the difficulties.

In this regard, the school secretary, Alia Souman, pointed out the insufficient number of seats for students and teachers. The students are forced to bring their own chairs from their homes, and there are no toilets or water facilities. Additionally, the high temperatures on certain days and the difficulty of learning under the scorching sun create a challenging studying environment. 

She added that this situation leads to a state of distraction and lack of concentration among the students.

On the other hand, Hasan Brijieh, the Director of the Wall and Settlement Resistance Committee Office in Bethlehem, stated that the demolition of "" school by the Israeli occupation forces is fundamentally illegal. He highlighted that schools are protected under the Basic Law of the Rome Statute and the Basic Law of The Hague Convention. He emphasized that schools, like churches, mosques, and hospitals, should be protected.

Brijieh mentioned that "Al-Tahaddi 5" school is a primary school that includes grades one to four, and the oldest student is only 10 years old. Therefore, they do not pose any threat to the Israeli occupation or settlers. He emphasized that the occupation fully understands that the school represents the Palestinian people's existence, future, and Palestinian dream.

He affirmed that the human rights law guarantees the Palestinians' right to education, and therefore, it is their right to have a school. He pointed out that the area lacks a school, and there are 4,000 people without access to education for there childreens. He added that this school used to serve the neighborhoods of Al-Zawahreh, Jabal al-Dheeb, Qarnatul, and the Abu Mahimid and Al-Wahsh families.

Brijieh explained that there are various options available, especially after the demolition of the school, and he stressed the commitment to the right to education in this area.

He sent a message to the international community, emphasizing the need to intervene to protect the Palestinian people who have been rooted in this land for over 8,000 years and have the right to live. He underscored the continuous efforts to create mechanisms for living on this land.

Another crime is added to the Israeli criminal record, targeting a makeshift school that was built with European support, fund and a tent that was erected through Palestinian efforts, but it was also demolished due to Israel's awareness that it is protected with American support, European silence and weakness, Arab normalization, and Palestinian division.

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