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Ramzi Abu Zir's Ongoing Struggle for Prisoners' Rights

Posted On: 20-05-2023 | Prisoners , Palestinian Candles
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Bethlehem/ PNN / Najeeb Faraj 

The activist and released prisoner, Ramzi Samir Abu Zir, 40, from the residents of Al-Duheisha refugee camp south of Bethlehem, is considered one of the activists who were arrested due to their field activities supporting the rights of prisoners and defending them.

Since his release almost two years ago, after completing his 18-year sentence on charges of participating in the resistance to the occupation and belonging to the Fatah movement, he decided to be present in the field to participate in activities supporting the prisoners. His activities included, within the framework of the Association of Released Prisoners in Bethlehem Governorate, showing solidarity with the prisoners and visiting their families as part of the association's activities to support them and boost their morale. He did not miss any opportunity, whether related to participating in sit-ins or visiting released prisoners in various locations in different governorates. He was always persistent in following up on all issues related to prisoners and their oppression in prisons.


Israeli forces re-arrested Ramzi on the dawn of last Tuesday, May 16, 2013, during a raid on his home.

Fatah movement condemned the arrest of the Fatah cadre, Ramzi Abu Zir, stating that this arrest comes in the context of a policy of silencing and pursuing activists to prevent them from engaging in any popular activities opposing the occupation. The Fatah movement also pointed out that the Israeli forces have intensified their arrests of activists from various factions recently, specifically activists and officials from the Fatah movement.

A distinguished activist

Mohammed Al-Zaghloul, the head of the Association of Released Prisoners in Bethlehem Governorate, said that the prisoner Ramzi, who was elected in the recent elections to be a member of the organizing committee of the Fatah movement in Al-Duheisha camp, was a distinguished activist within the association that deals with prisoners' affairs. His activities did not stop at this point, but also included dealing with all his organizational tasks, social work, and following up on the needs of the people. He always supported the oppressed and dedicated his humble efforts alongside all the noble efforts to defend our people.

He added that Ramzi's arrest clearly falls within the framework of pursuing field activists in the context of social and volunteer work and preventing them from carrying out their duties. However, Ramzi was a resilient struggler who always stood against the Israeli arrogance.

Boundless giving and sacrifice

It should be noted that Ramzi was arrested in 2002 and suffered from the effects of his injuries caused by Israeli bullets. He was shot three times at different times: the first time in the pelvic area, the second time in his left eye, and the third time in his hand, resulting in the amputation of two of his fingers. He entered prison while still suffering from the effects of his injuries and was deliberately subjected to medical neglect. He was also placed in solitary confinement more than once during this period and deprived of visits from his family.

During visits to his parents, he would encourage them and uplift their spirits, affirming that the prisoners are engaged in a real confrontation with the Israeli forces. The essence of this confrontation is the struggle of wills, and the will of the prisoners and their generous people is truly triumphant.

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