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Hamas Government in Gaza Imposes Additional Taxes on Palestinian Goods and Products

Posted On: 19-03-2023 | National News , Human Rights , Economy
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Gaza /PNN /

The Hamas government in Gaza announced the imposition of additional taxes on many Palestinian goods and products, as well as imposing customs duties on agricultural products, in a decision that violates Palestinian and international laws that exempt agricultural products from any taxes.

In turn, the Palestinian People's Party expressed its rejection of the step taken by the de facto authority affiliated with Hamas in Gaza to increase the value of taxes on many goods and products.

The party explained in a press statement today that the increase in taxes on goods by varying percentages up to 120% cannot be considered within the necessary measures to protect the local product, which is not enough to meet the needs of the local market in terms of type and quantity. The party added that the Israeli blockade, the Palestinian division, and the poor living and living conditions have made some imported goods unsuitable for the living situation of the poor in the Gaza Strip.

The party added that imposing customs duties on agricultural products imported from the Arab Republic of Egypt and others violates international laws that exempt these products from customs, and increases the burden on traders and citizens.

The party confirmed that the collection carried out by the de facto government in Gaza increases the burdens on citizens and burdens their lives instead of protecting them and supporting their resilience on their land against the aggressive practices of the occupation against our people.

At the end of its statement, the People's Party called on the de facto authority to retract its decision to increase taxes and called on unions, popular associations, and civil society organizations to raise their voices loudly in the face of the tax increase and high prices and to find effective mechanisms to protect and support the poor from the negative effects of this.

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