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"Hunger strike for justice: Marwan al-Barghouti leads Palestinian prisoners in protest"

Posted On: 19-03-2023 | National News , Prisoners , Human Rights
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Qadura Fares, the head of the Palestinian Prisoners Club, stated that Marwan al-Barghouti, a member of Fatah's Central Committee, will be at the forefront of the hunger striking prisoners in the battle for "freedom or martyrdom."

Fares added in a brief statement to the press that "Al-Barghouti's decision comes in belief in the importance of the resistance approach and the strategic importance of the hunger strike, which was announced by the prisoners in the face of the policies of the fascist Israeli government."

Fares continued, "Al-Barghouti remains a model of a leader who engages in battles alongside his brothers and comrades."

For its part the Palestinian Prisoners' Affairs Committee and the  Palrstinian Prisoners' society confirmed that the prisoners continue their readiness to wage the hunger strike, which has four days left, under the title "Volcano of Freedom or Martyrdom." 

Until the announcement of the strike, the prisoners will continue the "disobedience" steps, which have been going on for 34 consecutive days, in rejection of the measures of the extremist "Ben-Gvir." 

According to the emergency committee's program, they will carry out today a step of "nighttime disruption" with one slogan "Freedom" at 7:45 pm. In addition to the collective joint steps, some prisons will take additional steps, including hindering the "security inspection - knocking on the windows," as is the case in the "Nafha" prison.

The emergency committee had announced in its statement No. (7) that the strikers would announce their wills in the coming hours, and called for strengthening participation in the supportive stands for them in city centers on Tuesday, March 21st.

 The committee confirmed in its statement that the prisoners would start the strike united from all factions.

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