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Italian translator refuses to work for ‘dangerous’ Israeli PM Netanyahu

Posted On: 11-03-2023 | International , Israeli news
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An Italian interpreter has refused to translate for the "dangerous" Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is on a visit to Italy.

Olga Dalia Padoa, who had been contacted by the Israeli Embassy in Rome and had initially accepted the job offer, later refused to be the translator for the Israeli regime's prime minister during his speech at an event scheduled at a synagogue in Rome on Friday.

"After having thought about it carefully," she wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. “Not only do I not share Netanyahu’s political views, but his leadership is extremely dangerous in my view.”

She referred to the mass protests and "civil resistance movement present in Israel today" by those who oppose Netanyahu's proposed justice reforms aimed to weaken the judiciary where he faces multiple lawsuits over graft and increase his own powers as prime minister.

She also noted that after having initially accepted to translate, her children's absolute refusal of the task dissuaded her from it totally. “They were unwavering.”   

 "If I agree to cooperate in translating his words, my children will not forgive me,” she insisted.

“They were determined: they will not cooperate with those who promote fascist principles and suppress freedom, they simply will not do it. I decided to listen to them,” Padua concluded.

In the meantime, the Israeli regime's embattled premier, who is on an official 3-day visit to Italy, is concerned about the massive anti-government protest rallies staged in occupied Palestine.

Netanyahu's visit to Italy is one of his first international visits since his return to office in December.

It comes amid intense political division in Tel Aviv and opposition to his far-right cabinet’s policies.

Thousands of protesters blocked the streets leading to the departures area at Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv.

They staged clashes with military forces, where Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin landed for talks.

Meantime, Netanyahu's travel plans were met with complications after the Israel airliner El Al failed to find pilots to fly him, his wife and their companions to Italy.

Israeli media reported earlier that in protest to his cabinet’s judicial reform El Al’s pilots did not sign up to fly the premier, in apparent protest of his government.

“On Sunday afternoon, Hebrew-language media reported that none of El Al’s pilots had signed up to fly Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, to Italy for a visit scheduled to start on Thursday,” The Times of Israel reported. However, later reports said that eventually, one flight crew had agreed to take Netanyahu and the rest.


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