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Israeli occupation forces kill six Palestinians in Jenin

Posted On: 07-03-2023 | Politics , National News
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Jenin /PNN/ 

Six civilians and several members of the Palestinian security forces and Fatah movement were killed while resisting the Israeli occupation forces that raided the Jenin refugee camp in the early hours of Tuesday. 

The Ministry of Health reported that the number of martyrs reached six, with several injured, due to the Israeli aggression on Jenin. 

It added that at least 16 more Palestinians had been wounded in the brutal raid, which involved, according to reports, dozens of armored vehicles, military helicopters, snipers, drones, and bulldozers.

The ministry added that six martyrs and ten injuries, including a serious injury to the abdomen, were transferred to Jenin Governmental Hospital. 

The ministry identified the martyrs as Mohammad Wael Ghazawi (26 years old), Majd Mohammad Azmi Husseiniyah (26 years old), Tariq Ziad Mustafa Nattour (27 years old), Ziyad Amin Al-Ziraeeni (29 years old), Abdel Fattah Hussein Khrousha (49 years old), and Mo'tasem Nasser Sabagh (22 years old).

 The ministry further stated that ten injuries were transferred to Jenin Governmental Hospital, while two medium injuries in the thigh and shoulder were taken to Ibn Sina Hospital. 

Local sources reported that the Israeli forces targeted a house in the Jenin refugee camp with a missile, where smoke columns were seen rising from it. The Jenin refugee camp has turned into a war zone following the incursion of special forces, backed by Israeli army troops, and the siege of several homes that were bombed with several missiles, which led to the martyrdom of three young men from Fatah movement and Palestinian security forces, according to security sources. 

The Israeli forces targeted journalists and ambulances and prevented them from carrying out their humanitarian duties. The Israeli army used unmanned aerial vehicles in its aggression on Jenin, where the resistance fighters were able to shoot down one of them.

Sixty-one Palestinians, including civilians, have been killed in 2023, the Palestinian Health Ministry said last month.

For his part Presidential spokesman Dr. Nabil Abu Rudeineh said that the daily killings carried out by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people, the latest of which was today in Jenin refugee camp, and the bombing of homes with rockets and explosive shells is an all-out war and destroys everything.

He stressed in a statement that the Israeli government bears full responsibility for this dangerous escalation, which threatens an explosion in the situation and destroys all efforts aimed at restoring stability.

“The crime committed by the occupation forces reaffirms the Israeli government's intention to thwart all regional and international efforts aimed at stopping all unilateral actions, which the Israeli side insists on continuing,” said Abu Rudeineh.

He called on the US administration to take immediate action and put effective pressure on the Israeli government to stop its crimes and continuous aggression against the Palestinian people, stressing that the current events have proven that resolving the Palestinian issue in accordance with international legitimacy and international law and giving the Palestinian people their right to freedom and independence is the real key to resolving the region's crises.


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