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Day 6: Palestinian inmates continue mass disobedience against Israel’s abusive measures

Posted On: 19-02-2023 | Politics , Prisoners , Human Rights
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Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails press ahead for the sixth consecutive day with their collective disobedience against the occupying regime’s prison administration and the implementation of abusive measures by far-right Israeli minister Itamar Ben-Gvir to harass them.

Palestine's sources said that the fifth day came after the Supreme Emergency Committee for Palestinian Prisoners Affairs announced in a statement on February 14 the beginning of civil disobedience in response to an ongoing repression campaign initiated by Ben-Gvir and the Israeli prison authorities.

“Civil disobedience actions by the prisoners include the closing of the different prison sections, stopping aspects of daily life, the wearing of a mandatory brown jail uniform, and refusing to undergo the so-called daily security check-up,” the news agency said.

The committee said the civil disobedience measures would escalate to an open-ended hunger strike beginning on the first day of the upcoming fasting month of Ramadan.

“This strike, bearing the banner of freedom or martyrdom, is a strike that will be undergone by every capable prisoner regardless of what faction they belong to,” the committee said in the statement. "The amount of aggression we have been facing since the start of the year requires all of our people to support us with all means possible.”

Ben-Gvir introduced his repression campaign against Palestinian prisoners on January 8, which included controlling the amount of water and reducing the hours of using the bathrooms designated for showering, among other abusive measures.

The extremist minister also ordered the Israel Prison Service (IPS) to start moving Palestinian political inmates and transferring them between the occupying regime’s prisons, most of which lack sufficient health equipment.

Under Ben-Gvir’s instruction, approximately 140 Palestinian prisoners were transferred to Nafha prison, which is notorious for terrible living conditions and referred to by inmates as "inhumane.”

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