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Palestinian leadership holds the Israeli government fully responsible for the escalation on the grou

Posted On: 28-01-2023 | Politics , National News
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In continuation and follow-up of its emergency meetings, the Palestinian leadership met today, Saturday, under the chairmanship of President Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine, at the presidential headquarters, where they reviewed the latest events, political developments, and international contacts conducted by the Palestinian leadership at all levels, including what happened in yesterday's Security Council meeting. The leadership emphasized the following:

The Palestinian leadership holds the Israeli occupation government fully responsible for the dangerous escalation that the situation has reached due to its crimes, which amounted to 31 martyrs during the current month, and its continuation of its colonial settlement practices, land annexation, house demolitions, arrests, policies of ethnic cleansing and apartheid, and the desecration of Islamic, Christian holy sites, and storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque. These policies are a result of the Israeli occupation government's evasion of its commitment to implement the signed agreements and its violation of the resolutions of international legitimacy. The leadership warns the occupation government against continuing this approach, which will lead to further deterioration, threatening security and stability in the entire region.

The Palestinian leadership calls on the international community and the American administration to call on the Israeli occupation government to stop its unilateral actions, which constitutes the practical entrance to re-consider the political path leading to the end of the Israeli occupation of the land of the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders, including East Jerusalem, affirming its adherence to the international legitimacy and the Arab Peace Initiative.

The Palestinian leadership confirmed the continuation of the implementation of the decisions it took in its meeting last Thursday, and it will continue to work with the Arab and international community in order to provide support, backing, and international protection, in order for our people to achieve their full legitimate rights.

The Palestinian leadership emphasized the importance of an urgent response to the president's call for a comprehensive national dialogue in order to fortify the home front, strengthen the political position, and unify it to face the challenges that afflict our cause and our people.

The Palestinian leadership salutes our Palestinian people in all places of their presence for their steadfastness, peaceful popular resistance, and their adherence to their legitimate national rights and to the Palestine Liberation Organization as the sole legitimate representative of our Palestinian people, the leader of our struggle for freedom and independence.


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