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PLO official calls on UN to provide protection for refugees camps in light of IOF killing policy’s

Posted On: 05-01-2023 | National News , Human Rights , Palestinian Diaspora
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Bethlehem/PNN / written and translated by Monjed Jadou 

Executive Committee member of the Palestine Liberation Organization and head of refugee affairs department Dr. Ahmed Abu Holi, said that Palestinian refugees in the west bank camps need international protection to stop the continuous crimes committed by Israeli soldiers that target all Palestinian refugees especially children.

Abu Holi said in a press statement that the executions and systematic killing of children in the camps must stop, adding that UNRWA as a body responsible for the protection in Palestinian camps are called to provide international protection for the Palestinian refugees camps as in light of the Israeli occupation’s escalation of incursions and military  operations that intend to kill Palestinian children.

Abu Holi clarified that the executing crime of two children, Amer Abu Zeitoun, 16 years old, in Balata refugee camp in Nablus today , and Adam Moatasem Ayad, 14 years old, in Dheisheh  refugee camp in Bethlehem, two days ago, requires the international community and human rights organizations, led by the United Nations and its organizations operating in Palestine, to work on Pressure the occupation authorities to stop the deliberate killings policy of children in the camps and all Palestinian territory’s.

Palestinian medical reports show that the killings of the two child in the Dheisheh and Balata camps, show that their injuries were at the hands of skilled snipers who pulled the trigger and hit the children in the head and chest with live explosive bullets with the aim of killing, adding that these children, do not pose a threat to the occupation snipers who are armed with all kinds of weapons, stressing the need to stop these brutal operations against the Palestinian children in camps.

“UNRWA is responsible for the Palestinian refugees registered in its five areas of operations according international law as a reference and a vital matter in order to ensure a full response to the protection needs for refugees in the camps, in addition to its other humanitarian and relief missions”the PLO official said.

The provision of international protection is an urgent need in light of the continued serious Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights, which flout all relevant provisions of international law. Once again, Israel shows its use of military force and its analysis of Palestinian blood as a means of passing policies that have nothing to do with security, but rather with the aim of passing purely internal policies.

The PLO official called on the international community and the United Nations, led by its Secretary-General, to play its assigned role in order to provide the immediate international protection due to the Palestinian refugees in all the Palestinian refugee camps under Israeli occupation.

He also called for the immediate implementation of the recommendations made by its Human Rights Committee, Resolution 681 of 1990, and its fact-finding committee, which clearly recommended the need to implement effective and appropriate international protection in the occupied Palestinian territories in order to monitor and submit periodic reports on the parties’ implementation of human rights laws to ensure the full protection of human rights in the occupied territories.

Abu Holi called on all signatories to the Fourth Geneva Convention to meet immediately in order to establish an international mechanism to protect the Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories, including refugees, and to take a decision on individual and collective measures in order to ensure that Israel implements its obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The international community and the United Nations must ensure international protection for Palestinian refugees until their case is resolved by returning to their homes and properties and compensating them for the losses they suffered, as stipulated in United Nations General Assembly Resolution No. 194 issued in December. 1948 Abu Holi end his statement.

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