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Laila Amira : a Palestinian girl who live in the diaspora and calling for justice for her people

Posted On: 26-12-2022 | Palestinian Diaspora , Palestinian Candles
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Laila Amira is a Palestinian girl who lives in exile after their family was displaced in 1948 and fled because of the war from Jerusalem to Bethlehem .

Laila told PNN reporter during Christmas Eve in Bethlehem that she visited the city and celebrated Christmas after returning to Palestine several months ago.

She added that its important for all Palestinians to live the experiance with the Palestinian reality under occupation that kills, arrest Palestinians daily.

Laila who lives with relatives in the Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem, said that her message to the world is the same as that Palestinians, which is to end the Israeli occupation, and calling the international community must support Palestinians.

Laila as all Palestinians warns of the new Israeli government, which is the worst of the extremist because it consists of fascist right-wing parties

"My visit is to confirm my Palestinian identity, and I invite all Palestinians who live in the diaspora to visit Palestine. 

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