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General strike declared in the West Bank in mourning of late prisoner

Posted On: 20-12-2022 | Politics , National News , Nonviolence
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A one-day general strike has been declared across the occupied West Bank cities, including Jerusalem, as well, in mourning of the late Palestinian freedom fighter, Nasser Abu Hmaid, who was declared dead this morning after battling cancer for several years.

The strike was called for by Fatah, who also called for marches protesting Israel's killing of Abu Hmaid.

The movement also called for a day of rage at contact points with the Israeli army.

Abu Hmeid, who entered into a coma two days ago and was yesterday transferred from Ramle clinic prison, where he has been kept, to a hospital in Israel, has died due to years of medical negligence.

Abu Hmaid, from Amari refugee camp in Ramallah and serving multiple life terms for resisting the Israeli occupation, was diagnosed with lung cancer in August of last year.

Several attempts to get him released to get treatment outside the prison have failed.

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