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Palestine Action activists storm factory in Wales suppling weapons to Israel

Posted On: 11-12-2022 | International , Palestinian Diaspora
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Activists from Palestine Action, a UK-based direct action network working against British companies complicit in Israeli apartheid, have broken into Teledyne Technologies’ weapons plant in Presteigne, Wales, in protest of the factory’s complicity in Israeli war crimes.

“Climbing in through smashed windows, activists began to thoroughly dismantle the factory of the American-owned firm, forcing closure of a site used to supply military hardware to Israel,” the group said in a press statement, adding that “the activists have taken apart offices, broken computers, and have begun occupation of the roof to ensure that the factory remains inoperable.”

The group said it had taken over the Teledyne factory at 7.30am on Thursday morning, vowing to continue this action for as long as possible to stop the manufacture or shipment of Israel’s drone technologies and military gear.

“Teledyne Technologies produces image sensors for military applications, as well as high-resolution surveillance technology for Israel’s illegal apartheid wall. Israel’s armed drone fleet, deployed in successive assaults on Gaza since the 51-day attack in 2014, are also outfitted with Teledyne targeting systems, which enables Israel to target children and schools with precision,” said the group.

“Teledyne Technologies’ products are therefore directly attributable to the surveillance and murder of thousands of Palestinians.”

For over two years, Palestine Action’s campaign has primarily focussed on Elbit Systems – Israel’s largest arms firm – and has seen two of their sites forced to close permanently. But the group says any firm supplying weaponry to the Israeli occupation will be shut down.

“Britain is now a hostile environment for all companies involved in the brutalisation and murder of Palestinians. Elbit Systems is one such company, but Teledyne Technologies are another major player. They supply surveillance equipment for Israel’s apartheid wall, and targeting systems for their fleet of combat drones.”

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